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A magic button in Xcode to exterminate the current project's DerivedData directories
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DerivedData Exterminator.xcodeproj
DerivedData Exterminator


Sometimes Xcode needs a friendly helping hand with cleaning out the Derived Data for a project. The Exterminator makes this quick and easy.

Replace This:

Me: Build Project

Xcode: Nope, we've got errors.

Me: Clean Project, then Build

Xcode: Nuh uh, still no good.

Me: Open terminal, find DerivedData subdirectories for project, delete directories

Xcode: Oh hey, things are looking swell.

With This:

Exterminator Button



  • Clone and build the project. The plugin will be installed into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins. (To uninstall the plugin, delete the DerivedData-Exterminator directory from there)
  • Restart Xcode
  • Select Derived Data Exterminator in Toolbar in the View menu

Note: The default (master) branch builds for Xcode 5+. To build the project for Xcode4, check out the xcode4 branch before building the project.


  • Push Button
  • Moonwalk (optional, but recommended)
  • Get back to building cool stuff

Additional Options

Clearing derived data (for the current project/workspace or all projects) is also available from the View menu

Exterminator Menu Options