RubyMotion workflow support in Redcar Editor
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RubyMotion workflow support in Redcar Editor



  • Build and Run project from Cocoa Menu
  • Inline syntax checking for MacRuby
  • Lookup documentation for focussed text
  • Send Support Tickets
  • Generate classes from templates
  • Save and Install custom templates
  • View RubyMotion and iOS reference documentation
  • Resource Manager pane for adding, removing, and viewing project resources
  • CTags-based Autocompletion of class and method names -- Objective-C methods are automatically converted to Ruby!


  • AppleScript, for terminal emulator interaction
  • Redcar 0.12+
  • RubyMotion 1.0+
  • Ingredients or Dash, for documentation lookup


Fresh Install

  1. Close Redcar
  2. Clone this repository into ~/.redcar/plugins/rubymotion
  3. rm ~/.redcar/cache/textmate-bundles.cache (only necessary if you do not already have a MacRuby bundle installed in ~/.redcar/Bundles)
  4. Start Redcar


  1. Close Redcar
  2. Run git fetch origin && git checkout 0.6.1 from ~/.redcar/plugins/rubymotion
  3. Start Redcar


Installing this plugin will add a new 'Cocoa' submenu to the Redcar menu bar.

Cocoa Menu

Syntax checking is performed on file save.

Syntax Checking

Primary Commands

  • Run (⌘R): Run default rake command; build app and launch simulator from a terminal window

  • Run on Device (Shift+⌘R): Build app and launch in attached and configured iOS device

  • Test (^⌘T): Run test suite

  • Quit iOS Simulator (Shift+^Q): Close simulator

  • Create Archives: Create release (App Store) and development .ipa files

  • Open Resource Manager: Show project resources in a tree pane, organized by type Screenshot

  • Show Configuration: Display rake config in a Web View

  • Show Documentation (Shift+⌘Space): Open documentation for selected or focussed text in Ingredients or Dash. Documentation Lookup

  • File Support Ticket: File a ticket with RubyMotion support

  • Reference Links: Open developer documentation in Web Views

  • Menu Autocompletion: Press Shift+^Space or select Menu Auto Complete from the Edit menu

Class Automcompletion

Method Automcompletion (before)

Method Automcompletion (after)


Documentation Launcher

  • The preferred app for searching documentation can be changed via the menu in Cocoa > Documentation Launcher.
  • To change the path to Ingredients or Dash apps, change ingredients_path or dash_app in Cocoa preferences.

Terminal Emulator

  • To change which terminal emulator to use, set the preferred_command_line property in project_plugin preferences. I've only ever tried this with iTerm and Terminal, both seem to work fine.

Build Options

  • Saving Tabs Before Command Execution: Automatically saving tabs before running a command can be changed via the menu in Cocoa > Build Options.
  • Running Rake Commands with --trace: Automatically saving tabs before running a command can be changed via the menu in Cocoa > Build Options.

Opening Links

  • Reference Documentation can be opened in either the built-in Redcar browser or the external browser of choice by editing use_external_browser_for_urls in html_view preferences.

Syntax Checking and Highlighting

  • By default, Redcar+RubyMotion interprets all Ruby files in RubyMotion projects using MacRuby syntax. Set force_macruby_grammar in Cocoa preferences to false to disable this option.
  • To change the path to the ruby implementation used for syntax checking, change macruby_path in Cocoa preferences.

File Templates

  • Custom File Templates can be installed in ~/.redcar/RubyMotion/templates. All files must end in snippet and can optionally use TextMate snippet syntax for filling in fields. Any instances of __NAME__ will replaced with the selected class name upon activation.


  • Feel free to file an issue on github if you have a bug or suggestion. :)