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% resume by Katherine Erickson
\newcommand{\name}{Katherine Erickson}
\newcommand{\address}{194 Butler Street, Apt. 1\\Brooklyn, NY, 11217}
\item \website
\item \github
\item[Skills] Python, Django, Java, database design, SQL, HTML, CSS,
\LaTeX, git (all in macOS or Linux)
\item[Dabblings] JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C
\item[M.S. in Computer Science] New York University, 2015, 4.0 GPA
\item NYU Courant Institute Joann and Stanley Benson Master's
Fellowship, 2015
\item Grace Hopper Celebration participant, 2014
\item[B.A.] Oberlin College, 2006, Biology and Cinema Studies majors,
Chemistry minor, 3.88 GPA
\item Highest Honors in Biology; Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society;
Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
\item Merit Scholarships: John Oberlin, Robert B. and Sophia Whiteside,
National Merit
\item Biology Prizes: Leo S. Millar, Hope Hibbard, Florence Burger
\item[H.S. Diploma] East High School, Duluth, MN, 2002, 4.0 GPA,
Valedictorian (shared)
\item[GRE] 2011, Quantitative 800/800, Verbal 780/800, Analytical Writing
\item[Assistant Research Scientist]
\emph{Labs of Drs. Fabio Piano and Kris Gunsalus, New York University
Engineered Django interfaces (from database design to front-end
design) to record, analyze, and present data for genomics research projects,
totaling millions of experiments, and requiring cleaning years of
poorly organized data and legacy code.
See code, schemas, and screenshots at \website.
Also assisted with experiment design, benchwork, and biological analysis of
genome-scale screen using pairwise gene knockdowns to uncover
genetic interactions in \emph{Caenorhabditis elegans} early embryogenesis.
\item[Client Service Coordinator]
\emph{H\&R Block, Washington, DC (2009)}
Sole secretary and receptionist for a large office during tax season.
Managed 6 phone lines, scheduled appointments, processed tax returns,
addressed clients' issues, proctored exams, and earned tax preparation
\item[Deli Manager and Cook]
\emph{Sticky Fingers Bakery, Washington, DC (2007-2008)}
Managed deli production and inventory, developed recipes,
and cooked at an all-vegan bakery.
\item[Research Technician and Assistant]
\emph{Lab of Dr. Taylor Allen, Oberlin College Biology Department
Mapped and characterized suppressor mutations to reveal interactions
within and between muscle proteins in \emph{C. elegans}.
Wrote honors thesis about the project,
and presented findings at international scientific meetings.
\item[Prior Job Experience]
Support Staff at home for women with schizophrenia.
Dietary Aide and dishwasher at assisted living home.
Many years of early morning newspaper delivery.
\section*{Other Experiences}
\item[Bicycle Touring]
Organized and conducted self-supported tours
coast-to-coast across the United States,
along the Mississippi River,
circumnavigating Lake Superior,
across Scandinavia,
and from Portland to San Francisco.
\item[Steel Drums]
Competed with 100-member steel drum band in five NYC Panorama
competitions (3 wins). Played and toured with Oberlin's student-run
steel drum band, and taught a course for college and high school
\item[Wildlife Conservation]
Built websites for a birder's conservation efforts.
Documented roadkill on cross-country trip to encourage responsible
driving. Helped rehab birds and small mammals throughout childhood.
\item[Food Coops]
As member of Oberlin Student Cooperative Organization,
mediated 60-person discussions as
Discussion and Loose Ends Coordinator; served as
Treasurer, bread baker, and pizza maker; and survived
four years in the vegan, no-sugar, at-least-half-whole-wheat coop.
Current member of the Park Slope Food Coop.
\section*{Publications, Abstracts, Presentations}
\item White AG, Lees B, Kao HL, Cipriani PG, Munarriz E, Paaby A,
Erickson K, Guzman S,
Rattanakorn K, Sontag E, Geiger D, Gunsalus KC, Piano F.
DevStaR: High-throughput quantification of \emph{C. elegans}
developmental stages, IEEE TMI, 2013.
\item 16th International \emph{C. elegans} Meeting, UCLA, June 2007.
Abstract/Poster: ``Reversion Analysis with \emph{unc-54} and \emph{unc-90}
Mutants Reveals Paths of Communication within Myosin and within Its
Regulatory System.''
\item 51st Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, March 2007.
Abstract/Poster: ``Communication within Myosin and between
It and Troponin.''
\item Undergraduate Honors Thesis and Presentation, 2006: ``Interactions
Made by Myosin and by Troponin-T: Genetic Suppressor Analysis.''
\item 50th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Salt Lake City, March 2006.
Abstract/Poster: ``Interactions Made by Myosin and by Troponin-T: Genetic
Suppressor Analysis.''
\item 15th International \emph{C. elegans} Meeting, UCLA, June 2005.
Abstracts/Posters: ``Novel Domains of the Muscle Regulatory Protein
Troponin-T and Their Roles'' and ``Design and Efficacy of Two
Investigative, Physiological Projects Using \emph{C. elegans}.''