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A selfbot that stores user messages in individual .csv files.
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A Python Discord selfbot that stores user messages in individual .csv (comma-separated value) files.

Currently persists a timestamp, Author ID, Author name, channel ID, and message contents.


  • Python
  • or
  • A Discord account
  • discord, aiofiles, arrow


  • Create an alternate Discord account then join the server you plan to log
  • Paste the account's email and password into either or
  • For replace "Server_Name" on line 11 with the name of the server you are logging
  • Login into your alternate Discord account
  • Run or on PC
  • At the very top of Server_Name.txt, paste the following headers: Date, Time, UID, Name, Channel, Message
  • Save Server_Name.txt as a .csv, then open in WPS Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or similar software.
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