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License: CC BY 4.0

NPRE 412 : Nuclear Power Economics and Fuel Management

This is the repository that holds ipython notebooks, python scripts, a syllabus, and other materials for Katy Huff's NPRE412 course at UofI.


The syllabus will be kept up to date in this repository. It is subject to change, so please keep checking it.

Running the Notebooks Online

The easiest way to run the notebooks is to let do it for you. Just go to

If you have trouble, it may be due to the mybinder servers being overloaded. This is a fairly common occurance, because their servers are funded entirely by the research budget of Dr. Jeremy Freeman.. You can find out the status of mybinder on their status page.

Running the Notebooks Locally

To run them on your own computer, where you can save changes, you will need to install python and install git.

Installing Python

Download and install the scientific python distribution called anaconda. You will need python version 3.0 or greater.

Installing Git (optional)

I recommend gaining access to the course notebooks via the version control program, git. Instructions for installing git on different platforms can be found here.

Acquiring the notebooks

If you have installed git, open a terminal program (or the Git Bash For Windows program if you are on windows and execute the command:

git clone

If you have not installed git, you can download the notebooks as a zip file from here. Then, unzip the directory.

Running the notebooks

You should now have a directory somewhere on your computer called npre412. Open a terminal (or the git bash for windows program) and type the following command inside that directory:

jupyter notebook

Your browser should open to a localhost:8888 url. Navigate to the notebooks to run, edit, and save them.

If you are on Windows and didn't install the Git Bash for Windows program, follow these instructions to run the notebooks.

Updating the notebooks

Periodically, I will make changes to the notebooks and add new ones throughout the semester. If you have not installed git, you will need to re-download the zip file. If you have installed git, navigate to your npre412 directory and type the following:

git pull origin master

You may run into errors at this point if you have made edits and not committed your changes. Or, indeed, if you have made changes to the same lines to which I have made changes, you may have a conflict. In either case, try to follow the instructions that git gives you. Usually, it will tell you exactly what to do. If that's not enough, here is a great tutorial on using git effectively.


Class lecture notes and other info for npre412




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