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Last changes

Release 1.0.0

  • Support for timeout in connections
  • Changed license to MPL 2.0

Release 0.9.0

  • Removed old alias *odoo_rpc_client.orm.record.RecordRelations
  • Added search_count method to objects (models)
  • Added create_record method to objects (models)
  • Added tests for Odoo 11
  • Added overloads of operators (+, +=) for recordlists
  • Removed local database connector, because it is difficult to test it, and it is not used so often as xml-rpc and json-rpc connectors May be in future it will have it's own python package.

Release 0.8.2

  • Avoid unneccesary encode/decode in db dump/restore logic
  • Use simplejson for jsonrpc
  • Odoo 10 local connector: correcly close db connections on exit

Release 0.8.1

  • Fix local connector for odoo-9.0 when is on python path

Big split: odoo_rpc_client 0.8.0

  • Split openerp_proxy project to set of smaler project to avoid bringing lot of unneccessary dependencies.

  • This project contains core features, aiming to minimize dependencies.

  • Features, not included here, all this features will be still available in openerp_proxy project, which will depend on this one in future:

    • Extensions (especialy repr extension)
    • Sessions
    • Shell
    • Experimental code (introduced in openerp_proxy 0.7.0)
    • Plugin - Diagraming
  • New features added:
    • Connector: 'local'. It allows to connect to local odoo instalce,
      without http;

Release 0.7.1

  • Bugfix in Client.ref method. now it returns Record instance, as mentioned in documentation
  • Added Record.get(field_name, default) method.

Release 0.7.0

  • client.server_version now is aliase to
  • Added services.db.server_base_version() which could be safely compared like: >= pkg_resources.parse_version('9.0')
  • Added method search_read to orm.object
  • Drop support of OpenERP 6.0
  • ext.repr: Added ability to pass table format to .as_table method tablefmt arg must be suitable for tabulate.tabulate method from Tabulate package
  • Added openerp_proxy.experimental subpackage.
  • Refactored session logic. Logic related to database / client connection management moved to separate class openerp_proxy.session.ClientManager which can be used outside session logic.
  • Added Client.ref method, then returns Record instance for specified xmlid
  • Added Client.database_version_full and Client.database_version properties
  • Added Session.del_db and ClientManager.del_client methods
  • Added method wrapper

Release 0.6.9

  • external_ids plugin now adds Record.as_xmlid method
  • bugfix: ensure thet record is present in cache on init of Record class
  • bugfix: [json-rpc], if RPC method results in None, then there is no 'result' object in response, so if there are no 'error' object, nor 'result', then suppose that 'result' is None, thus it is possible to deal with Odoo methods, that returns None as result via RPC

Release 0.6.8

  • bugfix in HTMLTable.to_csv for Python 3 related to writing non-ascii characters to csv file
  • Link to new example added to readme
  • session added property index_rev, which is used to save index in file
  • bugfix in utils.AttrDict.__dir__ method. now it works, so IPython auto-comlete for objects that use utils.AttrDict class works too
  • better support of last IPython shell
  • prefetching:
    • bugfix: some times when passed few fields with same names, prefetch raises strange errors (atleast on odoo 7.0 instance)
    • improvement: prefetch only records that have no at least one field in cache

Release 0.6.7

  • Representation module improvements
    • HField: added is_header parameter, which in HTML representation wraps field in <th> tag instead of default <td>
    • orm.Record representation improvement: now it is displayed as three-column table with system field name, user visible field name and field value
  • Examples:
  • Bugfixes:
    • session: client._no_save attr was not set on client by default
    • session: connection index now saved in session too
    • representation: better handled cases when HField._field is callable which throws error, now, if field._silent is set, then no error will be raised
    • representation: if HField which results in HTML capable value, displayed not inside HTMLTable, then default value representation will be used, not HTML one.

Release 0.6.6

  • Bugfix: Issue #4

  • Bugfix: double call to _get_registered_objects, caused be cleaning caches, on assess to any service first time

  • module_utils plugin fixes mostly related to __dir__ method (used for auto-complete in IPython)

    • added stdcall decorators to upgrade and install methods of 'ir.module.module' object
    • Bugfix in __dir__ implementation for plugin object
    • added installed_modules property to module_utils plugin
    • better tests for this plugin

Release 0.6.5

  • Added openerp_proxy.plugins.external_ids plugin
  • openerp_proxy.ext.repr: better support of IPython.display.HTML objects representation
  • openerp_proxy.ext.sugar: Added ability to access plugins directly from client instance For example, instead of writing client.plugins.Test, you may write client.Test
  • stdcall decorator and stdcall-methods. All methods of orm.object.Object instances, decorated with this decorator will be visible as methods of orm.record.Record and orm.record.RecordList instances, which means that these methods could be called in meth([ids], *, context=context, **) format. All automaticaly generated proxy method are marked as stdcall This is implemented to be able to use dir-based auto-completition for such method for Record and RecordList instances
  • openerp_proxy.plugin.Plugins, openerp_proxy.plugin.PluginManager, openerp_proxy.service.service.ServiceManager, openepr_proxy.service.service.ServiceBase representation improvements (better __str__ and __repr__ overrides)
  • Bugfix. Automaticaly clean service caches when new service class is defined
  • Added __contains__ override for module_utils plugin. Thus it is posible to check if some addon is available on odoo easier: 'project_sla' in client.plugins.module_utils or 'project_sla' in client.module_utils
  • Improved documentation

Release 0.6.4

  • Added Client.user_context property
  • Bugfix in openerp_proxy.ext.repr with nested tables when, field is a function
  • Fix for PR #3
  • Documentation improvements

Release 0.6.3

  • Added Record.copy() method override.
  • HTML representation fixes and improvements

Release 0.6.2

  • experimental Added integration with AnyField
  • Added RecordList.mapped method, similar to Odoo's RecordSet.mapped method.
  • Partial fix related to changes in Odoo versioning. See Issue #9799
  • To module_utils plugin added update_module_list method.
  • A bit of renaming (usualy used internaly) (may affect custom plugins and extensions) Property proxy, which points to related Client instance, was renamed to client
  • Added tabulate integration. Now when app is running under IPython shell, it is posible to print RecordList, and single Record as normal readable tables. Thanks to Tabulate project
  • Added ability to extend Record of specific models. This allows records of diferent models (objects) to behave specificaly This may be used for example to add virtual fields in client sripts
  • Little refactored connection system. Bugs with connection via SSL (https) seems to be fixed. As for JSON-RPC, there are some errors may be thrown, telling that program cannot verify certificate. as workaround You may pass to Client constructor kayword argument ssl_verify=False
  • log_execute_console Added TimeTracker context manager, which can be used for performance testing. It makes posible to get total time code was running, and how much time was spent on RPC requests.

Release 0.6.1

  • DB service little bit refactored. added methods:
    • dump_db: wrapper around db.dump server method.
    • restore_db: wrapper around db.restore server methods.
  • openerp_proxy.ext.repr.HField added F() method, which allows to create child field instance
  • openerp_proxy.ext.repr improved styles for HTML representations

Release 0.6

  • Backward incompatible: Changed session file format. Start up imports and extra_paths moved to options section of file.

  • Backward incompatible: IPYSession moved to openerp_proxy.ext.repr extensions. Now when using IPython notebook, this extension have to be imported first, to enable HTML representation of session object.

  • Backward incompatible: Changed signature of Session.connect() method.

  • Backward incompatible: Renamed ERP_Proxy to Client and inherited objects renamed in such way (for example sugar extension module)

  • Backward incompatible: removed ERP_Proxy` and ``ERP_Session compatability aliases

  • Backward incompatible: rename openerp_proxy.service.service.ServiceManager.list to openerp_proxy.service.service.ServiceManager.service_list. This affects so now should be used instead of using

  • Backward incompatible: reports service refactored. wrap_result parametr to report service method removed. instead added generate_report method, which is recommended to use.

  • Added new way reports could be generated in[report_name].generate(report_data) where report_data could be one of:

    • Record instance
    • RecordList instance
    • tuple('', model_ids))
  • Added HTML representation for report service objects

  • Changed store_passwords option meaning. now if set it will store passwords bese64 encoded, instead of using simple-crypt module. This change makes it faster to decode password, because last-versions of simple-crypt become too slow, and usualy no encryption needed here.

  • Experimental Python 3.3+ support

  • Added HField.with_args method.

  • Added basic implementation of graph plugin.

  • Improved openerp_proxy.ext.log_execute_console extension. Added timing.

  • Added Client.clean_caches() method, which is used to clean cache of registered models

  • RecordList prefetching logic moved to cache module and highly refactored (Added support of prefetching of related fields)

  • Added Client.login(dbname, user, password) method.

  • Added HTMLTable.update method.

  • Added RecordList.copy() and RecordList.existing() methods.

  • Added HTMLTable.to_csv() method.

  • Added Client.server_version property

  • Client parametrs (dbname, user, pwd) now are not required. This is useful when working with db service (

Release 0.5

  • Added RecordList.prefetch method. Als RecordList's fields argument now works.

  • Changed Object class. Now it have extend_me.ExtensibleByHashType metaclass which allows it to be extended separatly for each model, and in general way. For example look at openerp_proxy.plugins.module_utils module.

  • Refactored openerp_proxy.core module. + better docstrings

    • RecordList.prefetch is disabled at the moment. Will be integrated in code, or atleast reimplemented in different way
    • Better RecordList.group_by method. Now it colud receive callable which should calculate key for records to group them by
    • Added RecordList.filter method. Useful when You want to filter records by functional field.
  • Added openerp_proxy.ext.log_execute_console extension

  • HTML representation for IPython notebook extension openerp_proxy.ext.repr
    • Added HTML representation of
      • Record
      • Record.as_table (user is able to specify fields of record to display)
      • RecordList
      • RecordList.as_html_table (display records contained by list as table with abilities to highlight them by condition callables and to specify fields to be displayed)
      • Object.columns_info now displayed as HTML table.
    • Also context help in HTML representation present
  • Partial context passing support in ORM

  • openerp_proxy.orm.record refactored greatly
    • In this version added support of "query cache", like that one present in odoo's browse_record class (version 7.0). It is dict with data shared by records in one query. thus no need to read each record separatly, nor need to read all fields records in current query at one time. But major optimization which is not implemented yet is implementation of some prefetching mechanism, to allow user to specify what fields for what model he would like to read, to reduce RPC calls.

    • Record class little bit optimized with slots, but still takes a lot of memory, because of extensibility.

    • Added method, which, performs read on record, store data been read to record, and returns dict with data been read

    • RecordList.sort method was added. implements in-place sort like in usual lists.

    • and RecordList.search_records methods were implemented. The difference from standard is that these methods will automaticaly add [('id','in',self.ids)] to search domain

    • Object class: added properties:

      • model_name: return name of object's model
      • model: returns Record instance for model of this object
  • Added module_utils plugin, as example and as utility to work with modules via RPC

  • Report service wrapper ( refactored.
    • Simplified RPC methods signatures.
    • Added wrapper on report result which can automaticaly decode and save report result
  • Added basic options support for sessions. But in future this should be reimplemented as normal config At this moment there only one option store_passwords which enables session to store encrypted passwords in session Note that encryption is very low. To make this option work You should install simple-crypt.

  • ERP_Session renamed to Session but for backward compatability, there is ERP_Session name still present in module.

  • Added IPYSession class. At this moment there is only one difference from standard Session class: presense of _repr_html_ method.

Release 0.4

  • Record objects now behaves more like browse_record in OpenERP. No more need in suffix '__obj' to get related fields as records. They will be automaticaly converted to Record objects.
  • __getattribute___ in most cases changed to __getattr__
  • Record._name property that returns result of name_get method for this record
  • Objec.columns_info refactored to use fields_get method to get list of fields for an object
  • Plugin system refactored. Not it is class-based.
  • Added extension system, which allow to extend most of classe. For example see 'openerp_proxy.ext' dir/package where placed some set of extensions
  • All orm-related logic facored out into separate package openerp_proxy.orm
  • session's database's aliases: to easily get some database in futuer, You could give it alias name
  • Now it is posible to enable automatic conversion of date/time field value to datetime objects. Implemented via extension
  • Sugar extension: less typing)
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