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Traffic Analysis Resistant Messaging, a Sphinx based mixnet

Katzenpost free software project


Katzenpost is an anonymous communication network, a decryption mix network and is the first post quantum mix network. Katzenpost is actively being developed and we hope to soon improve our documentation and our website.

It is our mission to research and development useful mixnet protocols to help people communicate more freely.

Our project goals are closely aligned with the cypherpunk's manifesto:

Katzenpost is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. There are a few small sections of code that are licensed under a different license and these respective code modules contain their own LICENSE files.


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    Katzenpost is a free and open source software project dedicated to researching and developing mix networks

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  2. katzen katzen Public

    Traffic analysis resistant messaging with Gio based user interface

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