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Playground release

Katzenpost is still alpha. DO NOT DEPEND ON IT FOR STRONG SECURITY OR ANONYMITY. This playground does not provide any anonymity whatsoever.

This release of the Katzenpost mailproxy is to be used with our public test mix network. Furthermore you should expect us to remove this demo service when our testing period is over at some arbitrary time in the future.

Please consult the Katzenpost Handbook for more information:

  1. Install the latest github release of this software that is suitable to your operating system and hardware architecture, found here:

  2. Register your account on the mix network:

    mailproxy -r -account alice

    The above example creates the "alice" user on the "idefix" provider and is therefore addressed as alice@idefix.

    This registration process uses HTTPS without Tor by default. If you already have Tor on your system you can register using our onion service like this:

    mailproxy -r -account alice -onion -torSocksAddr

    Or if you run the Tor Browser Bundle with the default Tor setup then simply:

    mailproxy -r -account alice -onion
  3. The above command should have printed "Success" and created a ~/.mailproxy directory containing various coniguration files including key material. You will now be able to run mailproxy like so:

    mailproxy -f ~/.mailproxy/mailproxy.toml
  4. Configure your e-mail client to use mailproxy. That is to say, mailproxy exposes POP3 and SMTP services which your e-mail client should be configured to use:

    POP3 at on port 2524 (l: alice@idefix, any password)
    SMTP at on port 2525

    Here's one possible solution:

    1. install thunderbird:

      sudo apt install thunderbird
    2. Launch thunderbird and go to the Edit menu:

      • select Account Settings
      • click on the Account Actions drop down menu and select

      Add Mail Account. After clicking OK you should be presented with a configuration window that lets you specify incoming and outgoing mail settings. Click the drop down menu for incoming and select POP3. Set the POP3 server hostname to and set the POP3 port to 2524. Next set the SMTP hostname to and the SMTP port number to 2525. Select None for both drop down menus that by default specify TLS is used. Set POP3 authentication to Normal Password and SMTP authentication to No Authentication. POP3 authentication username must be set to alice@idefix where alice is replaced with your username that you registered with. The password can be set to anything.

    Alternatively, for quick testing, you can use command line clients like curl to fetch and display mail (curl --user alice@idefix:somepassword pop3:// and swaks for sending mail (swaks --from alice@idefix --to bob@ramix --server

For more joy, change the log level from NOTICE to DEBUG in your mailproxy.toml.


Please do feel free to contact us for question or assistance.


AGPL: see LICENSE file for details.

supported by

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 653497, Privacy and Accountability in Networks via Optimized Randomized Mix-nets (Panoramix).