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Welcome to the Local-Notification wiki!

Here is right place to find all kind of informations about the local-notification plugin, it's API, examples and how to use.

What are you looking for?

I want to get a quick overview

All wiki pages contain samples, but for a quick overview the sample section may be the fastest way.

Find out more informations here.

I want to get a deep overview

The plugin supports scheduling local notifications in various ways for Android and iOS with a single interface. It also allows you to update, clear or cancel them. There are different interfaces to query for local notifications and a complete set of events to hook into the life cycle of local notifications.

Find out more about how to schedule single, multiple, delayed or repeating local notifications here.
Informations about events and listener can be found here.

To get a deep overview we recommend to read about all the topics in this wiki and try out the Kitchen Sink App

I want to see the plugin in action

The plugin offers a kitchen sink sample app. Check out the cordova project and run the app directly from your command line or preferred IDE.

Find out more informations here.

What's new

We are proud to announce our newest release version 0.8.x. Beside the hard work at the office and at the weekends it contains a lot of goodies, new features and easy to use APIs.

Find out more informations here.

How can I support the further development?

Your support is needed. If you use the plugin please send us a drop through the donation button.

Thank you!

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