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AmbertAlert Wordpress Plugin

Each year, there are about 100 instances of a child being abducted and murdered within the first three hours of the abduction.1

You may know about The Wireless AMBER Alerts initiative:

The national Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative is a voluntary partnership between the wireless industry, the United States Department of Justice, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), to distribute AMBER Alerts to wireless subscribers who opt in to receive the messages and are able to receive text messages on their wireless devices.

It's a voluntary partnership. That means some manufacturers turn it on in their devices by default. Of those, many likely turn it off soon after the first AMBER Alert (those who have experienced the blaring siren coming from their phone in the early morning hours might be likely to do this).

There are also electronic traffic billboards which alert motorists. That helps too. But some states such as California have turned off AMBER alert notifications during rush hour due to the distraction to drivers.

Time is clearly of the essence, but we still have a system that is questionably sufficient in effectively alerting the public. And when the AMBER alert does get posted, it looks like this:

The Plugin

This plugin allows you to specify a state for which AMBER alerts would be relevant to your website readers. The is particularly the case for local and community news websites.

If an AMBER alert is issued for your state, an unobtrusive "ribbon" will appear at the top of your website will full details of the missing person. Things like name, picture, age, sex, height, etc. It's a much more powerful method of describing missing child. It unquestionably adds to the number of "eyeballs" that see an alert.

The AMBER alert will stay active for 1 day by default. You can choose to set it lower or higher. Additionally, you can optionally use a sidebar widget that appears only when an AMBER alert is active.


An Amber Alert notification plugin for news websites



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