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Opscode Chef / AWS EC2 / CodeIgniter Quickstart

A generic quickstart chef configuration with instructions. Originally presented at CIConf San Francisco 2012.

Original slides in presentation-katzgrau.pdf

Instructions (Work in progress)

Email with any issues.

Get opscode account

Install Chef and Git

Install EC2 plugin

Get an AWS account

  • Open IAM service
  • Create a new user, click "Download Credentials", or copy access key and secret key
  • Give new user admin privs
  • Open .chef/knife.rb, and set 'aws_access_key_id' and 'aws_secret_access_key'
  • Open the EC2 Service
  • On the left side, click 'Security groups'. Edit the default security group, opening ports 22 and 80
  • On the left side, click 'Key Pairs'. Create one named for your organization. Save the resulting .pem file as [organization]-key.pem
  • Run $ chmod 400 ~/.ssh/[organization]-key.pem
  • Run $ ssh-add .chef/[organization]-key.pem
  • Run $ knife node list
  • If it spits out a blank line, it worked

Copy in your SSH public key (.ssh/

Copy it to cookbooks/accounts/files/default/users/admin/ssh/authorized_keys

Go to .chef directory

  • Run $ ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • When prompted for the filename, type webapp-aws
  • Accept defaults for the rest

Run $

  • knife cookbook upload -a
  • knife environment from file environments/development.json
  • knife environment from file environments/staging.json
  • knife environment from file environments/production.json
  • knife data bag create apps
  • knife data bag from file apps data_bags/apps/webapp.json
  • knife role from file roles/base.json
  • knife role from file roles/webapp.json

$ source .shortcuts

Run $ new-webapp-production

Get public host name, log in as admin (your passwordess login will work)



A quickstart Chef repo for the specific combination of EC2, LAMP, and CodeIgniter



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