A basic http server that accepts logins requests via POST /login
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Hour of Code: Node Login Server Example

This is just a basic webserver that accepts login requests. It is written in javascript (nodejs), and uses a few third party packages. The usernames and passwords are hardcoded in index.js (admin/admin123).

Get Set Up On Your Own Computer

Here are some very technical instructions for installing and running. It's not really geared toward totally novice users, but with enough effort, you can get it running.

  1. Install git (google: install git)
  2. Install node (google: nodejs)

Then ...

Windows/OSX Instructions (pretty much the same process)

  1. Open a command window (Terminal.app in Mac OSX)
  2. Navigate to your favorite directory (or just do nothing)
  3. Run: mkdir node-example
  4. Run: cd node-example
  5. Run: git clone git@github.com:katzgrau/hoc-node-login-server-example.git
  6. Run: cd hoc-node-login-server-example
  7. Run: node index.js
  8. Open a browser to