Basic tool to create AMIs for EC2 based off of a kickstart config
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Latest commit f2e31fb May 24, 2013 @katzj Switch centos6 config to lock root user by default
We used to let people log in as root and set up an ssh key for that
user.  The move to logging in as "ec2-user" + set up of sudoers
means that we should lock the root user's password.

See CVS-2013-2069 for more info



A simple tool based on python-imgcreate to create Fedora/Red Hat style 
images that can be used as an AMI in EC2.

Takes a kickstart config like the rest of livecd-creator, etc and spits out a
disk image file that's suitable to upload as an s3 ami.  To do the upload right
now, you'll want to run something like
after having created your base image file.  

Tested with the following as guests:
  * CentOS 5.5
  * Fedora 14
See the configs/ directory for example configs that work for each of these.

Jeremy Katz <>
2010 December 10