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KaunasJS Workshop #1

Building chat application with node.js, express and

Useful links

Step 1: Simple chat

Connect client sockets with server and make simple message communication between all sockets.
Chat example

Example from

Step 2: Add support for nicknames

Let's add nicknames support for chat and add some field validation, so you cannot send a message if a nickname or message field is empty.

Step 3: Broadcast implementation

Don’t send the same message to the user that sent it himself. Instead, append the message directly as soon as he presses enter.

Step 4: Show who’s online

Add online users list to the chat. If the users provide nickname, add him to the online users list.

Step 5: Add chat history of 20 messages

Add chat history, so when next time you connect to chat you can see the last 20 messages.

Step 6: Add chat rooms

Let's add 2 chat rooms. Global and KaunasJS. Each room have online users list and 20 message history. The user can be in only one room at a time.

Step 7: Host to Heroku

Host final step to Heroku.

Hosted KaunasJS workshop #1 @Heroku


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