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;; Time-stamp: <2019-09-11 12:03:15 kmodi>
;; Setup for different tags
;; Contents:
;; gtags, GNU global
;; ggtags
;; ctags
;; etags-select
;; etags-table
;; ctags-update
;; modi/find-tag
;; xref, semantic/symref
;;; gtags, GNU global
(when (executable-find "global")
;;;; ggtags
(use-package ggtags
(setq ggtags-update-on-save nil) ;Don't try to update GTAGS on each save; makes the system sluggish for huge projects.
(setq ggtags-highlight-tag nil) ;Don't auto-highlight tag at point.. makes the system really sluggish!
(setq ggtags-sort-by-nearness nil) ; Enabling nearness requires global 6.5+
(setq ggtags-navigation-mode-lighter nil)
(setq ggtags-mode-line-project-name nil)
(setq ggtags-oversize-limit (* 30 1024 1024)) ; 30 MB
(dolist (hook '(verilog-mode-hook
(add-hook hook #'ggtags-mode))
;; Don't consider ` (back quote) as part of `tag' when looking for a
;; Verilog macro definition
(defun ggtags-tag-at-point ()
(pcase (funcall ggtags-bounds-of-tag-function)
(`(,beg . ,end)
(if (eq ?` (string-to-char (buffer-substring beg end)))
;; If `(buffer-substring beg end)' returns "`uvm_info" (for example),
;; discard the ` and return just "uvm_info"
(buffer-substring (1+ beg) end)
;; else return the whole `(buffer-substring beg end)'
(buffer-substring beg end)))))
;; Remove the default binding for `M-.' in `ggtags-mode-map'
(bind-key "M-." nil ggtags-mode-map)
;; Remove the default binding for `M-o' in `ggtags-navigation-map'
(bind-key "M-o" nil ggtags-navigation-map)
(key-chord-define-global "??" #'ggtags-show-definition))))
;;; ctags
;; Use Universal (earlier called Exuberant) ctags from github instead of the
;; ctags that comes with emacs.
;; Don't ask before rereading the TAGS files if they have changed
(setq tags-revert-without-query t)
(setq tags-case-fold-search nil) ; t=case-insensitive, nil=case-sensitive
;; Increase the warning threshold to be more than normal TAGS file sizes
(setq large-file-warning-threshold (* 50 1024 1024)) ; 50MB
(when (executable-find "ctags")
;;;; etags-select
(use-package etags-select
:load-path "elisp/manually-synced/etags-select"
:commands (modi/update-etags-table)
;;;;; etags-table
;; Depending on the location of the file in buffer, the respective TAGS
;; file is opened on doing a tag find.
(use-package etags-table
:load-path "elisp/manually-synced/etags-table"
(setq etags-table-alist nil) ; initialize `etags-table-alist'
;; emacs config
(add-to-list 'etags-table-alist
`(,(concat user-emacs-directory ".*")
,(concat user-emacs-directory "TAGS")))
;; Max depth to search up for a tags file; nil means don't search
(setq etags-table-search-up-depth 15)))
;; Below function comes useful when you change the project-root
;; symbol to a different value (when switching projects)
(defun modi/update-etags-table ()
"Update `etags-table-alist' based on the current project directory."
(when (and (featurep 'projectile)
(add-to-list 'etags-table-alist
`(,(concat (projectile-project-root) ".*")
,(concat (projectile-project-root) "TAGS"))
:map etags-select-mode-map
("C-g" . etags-select-quit))))
;;;; ctags-update
(use-package ctags-update
;; Auto update
(setq ctags-update-delay-seconds (* 30 60)) ; every 1/2 hour
(defvar ctags-options-file (let ((file (expand-file-name ".ctags" user-home-directory)))
(when (file-exists-p file)
"User's Ctags options file.")
(when ctags-options-file
(setq ctags-update-other-options
(concat "--options=" ctags-options-file))))
;; Override `ctags-update-how-to-update' so that when it called
;; non-interactively (via `after-save-hook), then the user is not nagged
;; to generate the TAGS file if it is not present. If TAGS file generation
;; is necessary, do M-x ctags-update.
(defun modi/ctags-update-how-to-update (is-interactive)
"Return the TAGS file name (maybe).
If \\[universal-argument] or \\[universal-argument] \\[universal-argument]
argument is used when calling `ctags-update' interactively, user is asked for
the location to generate the TAGS file.
If `ctags-update' is called interactively without any prefix argument, user is
asked for the TAGS file location, but only if that file is not present.
Otherwise, if `ctags-update' is called non-interactively (example, via the
`after-save-hook'), if the TAGS file is present, return that file's path; else
do nothing and return nil.
This function also prevents the user-error \"Another ctags-update process is
already running\" caused in `ctags-update' function if value returned by this
function is non-nil and the tag generation process is already running."
(let (tags)
((> (prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg) 1) ;C-u or C-u C-u ,generate new tags in selected directory
(setq tags (expand-file-name "TAGS"
(read-directory-name "Generate TAGS in dir:"))))
(setq tags (ctags-update-find-tags-file))
(unless tags
(setq tags (expand-file-name "TAGS"
(read-directory-name "Generate TAGS in dir:")))))
;; If the TAGS file does not exist in this case, `tags' is set to nil.
(setq tags (ctags-update-find-tags-file))
(when tags
(let ((process-already-running (get-process tags)))
(when process-already-running
;; Prevent the user-error "Another ctags-update process is
;; already running" caused in `ctags-update' function if tags
;; is non-nil and the tag generation process is already running.
(setq tags nil))))))
(advice-add 'ctags-update-how-to-update :override #'modi/ctags-update-how-to-update)
(add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook #'turn-on-ctags-auto-update-mode)
(add-hook 'verilog-mode-hook #'turn-on-ctags-auto-update-mode))))
;;; modi/find-tag
(defun modi/find-tag (&optional use-ctags)
"Use `ggtags' if available, else use `ctags' to find tags.
If USE-CTAGS is non-nil, use `ctags'."
(interactive "P")
(if (or use-ctags
(not (featurep 'ggtags)))
(call-interactively #'ggtags-find-tag-dwim)))
;;; xref, semantic/symref
;; `xref' using `semantic-symref-detect-symref-tool' and
;; `semantic-symref-calculate-rootdir' to figure out which tool is available
;; for finding definitions and references. It looks for `global', `idutils',
;; and `cscope'. If none of those are found, it defaults to `grep'.
(use-package semantic/symref
:defer t
;; The `semantic-symref-calculate-rootdir' function does not find the
;; "right" rootdir by default. So using `projectile-project-root' to do
;; that job instead.
(with-eval-after-load 'projectile
(defalias 'semantic-symref-calculate-rootdir 'projectile-project-root))))
:map modi-mode-map
;; Do not set the below binding in `emacs-lisp-mode' buffers because we do
;; not want to override the default "M-." binding to `xref-find-definitions'.
:filter (not (derived-mode-p 'emacs-lisp-mode))
("M-." . modi/find-tag))
(provide 'setup-tags)
;; Emacs rereads the TAGS file (ctags) during every tag find operation.
;; Default `etags-select' bindings
;; |---------+------------------------------------|
;; | Binding | Description |
;; |---------+------------------------------------|
;; | RET | etags-select-goto-tag |
;; | M-RET | etags-select-goto-tag-other-window |
;; | p | etags-select-previous-tag |
;; | n | etags-select-next-tag |
;; | q | etags-select-quit |
;; | 0 | (etags-select-by-tag-number "0") |
;; | 1 | (etags-select-by-tag-number "1") |
;; | .. | .. |
;; | 9 | (etags-select-by-tag-number "9") |
;; |---------+------------------------------------|