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;; Time-stamp: <2017-09-26 15:49:55 kmodi>
;; Verilog
;; Contents:
;; Variables
;; Functions
;; modi/verilog-find-module-instance
;; modi/verilog-get-header
;; modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim (interactive)
;; which-func
;; modi/verilog-which-func
;; modi/verilog-update-which-func-format
;; modi/verilog-jump-to-module-at-point (interactive)
;; modi/verilog-find-parent-module (interactive)
;; modi/verilog-selective-indent
;; modi/verilog-compile
;; convert block-end comments to block names
;; Do not open all `included files
;; hideshow
;; hydra-verilog-template
;; imenu + outshine
;; modi/verilog-mode-customization
;; Key bindings
(use-package verilog-mode
:load-path "elisp/verilog-mode"
:mode (("\\.[st]*v[hp]*\\'" . verilog-mode) ;.v, .sv, .svh, .tv, .vp
("\\.psl\\'" . verilog-mode)
("\\.vams\\'" . verilog-mode)
("\\.vinc\\'" . verilog-mode))
(defvar modi/verilog-indent-level 2
"Variable to set all `verilog-mode' indents.
Sets `verilog-indent-level', `verilog-indent-level-module',
`verilog-indent-level-directive' and `verilog-case-indent'.")
;;; Variables
(setq verilog-indent-level modi/verilog-indent-level) ;3 (default)
(setq verilog-indent-level-module modi/verilog-indent-level) ;3
(setq verilog-indent-level-declaration modi/verilog-indent-level) ;3
(setq verilog-indent-level-behavioral modi/verilog-indent-level) ;3
(setq verilog-indent-level-directive modi/verilog-indent-level) ;1
(setq verilog-case-indent modi/verilog-indent-level) ;2
(setq verilog-auto-newline nil) ;t
(setq verilog-auto-indent-on-newline t) ;t
(setq verilog-tab-always-indent t) ;t
(setq verilog-minimum-comment-distance 10) ;10
(setq verilog-indent-begin-after-if t) ;t
(setq verilog-auto-lineup nil) ;'declarations
(setq verilog-align-ifelse nil) ;nil
(setq verilog-auto-endcomments t) ;t
(setq verilog-tab-to-comment nil) ;nil
(setq verilog-date-scientific-format t) ;t
(defconst modi/verilog-identifier-re
(concat "\\_<\\(?:"
"\\(?:[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9$_]*\\)" ;simple identifier
"\\|\\(?:\\\\[!-~]+\\)" ;escaped identifier
"Regexp to match a valid Verilog/SystemVerilog identifier.
An identifier is used to give an object a unique name so it can be
referenced. An identifier is either a simple identifier or an escaped
A simple identifier shall be any sequence of letters, digits, dollar signs ( $ ),
and underscore characters ( _ ).
The first character of a simple identifier shall not be a digit or $ ; it can be
a letter or an underscore. Identifiers shall be case sensitive.
For example:
Escaped identifiers shall start with the backslash character ( \\ ) and end with
white space (space, tab, newline). They provide a means of including any of the
printable ASCII characters in an identifier (the decimal values 33 through 126,
or 21 through 7E in hexadecimal).
Neither the leading backslash character nor the terminating white space is
considered to be part of the identifier. Therefore, an escaped identifier \cpu3
is treated the same as a nonescaped identifier cpu3 .
For example:
IEEE 1800-2012 SystemVerilog Section 5.6 Identifiers, keywords,and system names.")
(defconst modi/verilog-identifier-pcre
(concat "\\b"
"([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9$_]*)" ;simple identifier
"|(\\\\[!-~]+\\s+)" ;escaped identifier
"Perl regex to match a valid Verilog/SystemVerilog identifier.
This is a Perl regex equivalent of the Elips regexp in
(defconst modi/verilog-module-instance-re
(let* ((newline-or-space-optional "\\(?:[[:blank:]\n\r]\\)*")
(newline-or-space-mandatory "\\(?:[[:blank:]\n\r]\\)+")
(param-port-list "([^;]+?)"))
(concat "^[[:blank:]]*"
"\\(?1:" modi/verilog-identifier-re "\\)" ;module name (subgroup 1)
;; optional port parameters
"#" newline-or-space-optional param-port-list
"\\([[:blank:]]*//.*?\\)*" ;followed by optional comments
"[^;\\./]+?" ;followed by 'almost anything' before instance name
"\\(?2:" modi/verilog-identifier-re "\\)" ;instance name (subgroup 2)
"(" ;And finally .. the opening parenthesis `(' before port list
"Regexp to match valid Verilog/SystemVerilog module instance declaration.")
(defvar modi/verilog-block-end-keywords '("end"
"join" "join_any" "join_none"
"Verilog/SystemVerilog block end keywords.
IEEE 1800-2012 SystemVerilog Section 9.3.4 Block names.")
(defvar modi/verilog-block-end-keywords-re
(regexp-opt modi/verilog-block-end-keywords 'symbols)
"Regexp to match the Verilog/SystemVerilog block end keywords.
See `modi/verilog-block-end-keywords' for more.")
(defvar modi/verilog-block-start-keywords '("begin"
"Verilog/SystemVerilog block start keywords.
These keywords mirror the block end keywords (See `modi/verilog-block-end-keywords').")
(defvar modi/verilog-block-start-keywords-re
(regexp-opt modi/verilog-block-start-keywords 'symbols)
"Regexp to match the Verilog/SystemVerilog block start keywords.
See `modi/verilog-block-start-keywords' for more.")
(defconst modi/verilog-header-re
(concat "^[[:blank:]]*"
"\\([a-z]+[[:blank:]]+\\)*" ;Optional virtual, local, protected
"\\(?1:" ;Force group number to 1
(regexp-opt '("case"
"\\([a-z]+[[:blank:]]+\\)*" ;Optional void, static, automatic, ..
"\\(?:" modi/verilog-identifier-re "::\\)*" ;Allow parsing extern methods like class::task
modi/verilog-identifier-re ;Block name, force group number to 2
"Regexp to match valid Verilog/SystemVerilog block header statement.")
(defvar modi/verilog-keywords-re (regexp-opt verilog-keywords 'symbols)
"Regexp to match reserved Verilog/SystemVerilog keywords.")
;;; Functions
(defvar-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra nil
"Variable to hold extra information for `which-func' to show in the
mode-line. For instance, if point is under \"module top\", `which-func' would
show \"top\" but also show extra information that it's a \"module\".")
;;;; modi/verilog-find-module-instance
(defun modi/verilog-find-module-instance (&optional fwd)
"Return the module instance name within which the point is currently.
If FWD is non-nil, do the verilog module/instance search in forward direction;
otherwise in backward direction.
This function updates the local variable `modi/verilog-which-func-xtra'.
For example, if the point is as below (indicated by that rectangle), \"u_adder\"
is returned and `modi/verilog-which-func-xtra' is updated to \"adder\".
adder u_adder
(let (instance-name return-val) ;return-val will be nil by default
(setq-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra nil) ;Reset
(when (if fwd
(re-search-forward modi/verilog-module-instance-re nil :noerror)
(re-search-backward modi/verilog-module-instance-re nil :noerror))
;; Ensure that text in line or block comments is not incorrectly
;; parsed as a module instance
(when (not (equal (face-at-point) 'font-lock-comment-face))
;; (message "---- 1 ---- %s" (match-string 1))
;; (message "---- 2 ---- %s" (match-string 2))
;; (message "---- 3 ---- %s" (match-string 3))
(setq-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra (match-string 1)) ;module name
(setq instance-name (match-string 2)) ;Instance name
(when (and (stringp modi/verilog-which-func-xtra)
(string-match modi/verilog-keywords-re
(setq-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra nil))
(when (and (stringp instance-name)
(string-match modi/verilog-keywords-re
(setq instance-name nil))
(when (and modi/verilog-which-func-xtra
(setq return-val instance-name)))))
(when (featurep 'which-func)
;;;; modi/verilog-get-header
(defun modi/verilog-get-header (&optional fwd)
"Function to return the name of the block (module, class, package,
function, task, `define) under which the point is currently present.
If FWD is non-nil, do the block header search in forward direction;
otherwise in backward direction.
This function updates the local variable `modi/verilog-which-func-xtra'.
For example, if the point is as below (indicated by that rectangle), \"top\"
is returned and `modi/verilog-which-func-xtra' is updated to \"mod\" (short
for \"module\").
module top ();
endmodule "
(let (block-type block-name return-val) ;return-val will be nil by default
(setq-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra nil) ;Reset
(when (if fwd
(re-search-forward modi/verilog-header-re nil :noerror)
(re-search-backward modi/verilog-header-re nil :noerror))
;; Ensure that text in line or block comments is not incorrectly
;; parsed as a Verilog block header
(when (not (equal (face-at-point) 'font-lock-comment-face))
;; (message "---- 1 ---- %s" (match-string 1))
;; (message "---- 2 ---- %s" (match-string 2))
;; (message "---- 3 ---- %s" (match-string 3))
;; (message "---- 4 ---- %s" (match-string 4))
(setq block-type (match-string 1))
(setq block-name (match-string 2))
(when (and (stringp block-name)
(not (string-match modi/verilog-keywords-re
(setq-local modi/verilog-which-func-xtra
((string= "class" block-type) "class")
((string= "clocking" block-type) "clk")
((string= "`define" block-type) "macro")
((string= "group" block-type) "group")
((string= "module" block-type) "mod")
((string= "interface" block-type) "if")
((string= "package" block-type) "pkg")
((string= "sequence" block-type) "seq")
(t (substring block-type 0 4)))) ;First 4 chars
(setq return-val block-name)))))
(when (featurep 'which-func)
;;;; modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim (interactive)
(defun modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim (fwd)
"Jump to a module instantiation header above the current point. If
a module instantiation is not found, jump to a block header if available.
If FWD is non-nil, do that module instrantiation/header search in forward
direction; otherwise in backward direction.
Few examples of what is considered as a block: module, class, package, function,
task, `define."
(interactive "P")
(if (modi/verilog-find-module-instance fwd)
(if fwd
(re-search-forward modi/verilog-module-instance-re nil :noerror)
(re-search-backward modi/verilog-module-instance-re nil :noerror))
(if fwd
(re-search-forward modi/verilog-header-re nil :noerror)
(re-search-backward modi/verilog-header-re nil :noerror))))
(defun modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim-fwd ()
"Executes `modi/verilog-jump-to-header' with non-nil argument so that
the point jumps to a module instantiation/block header *below* the current
(modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim :fwd))
;;;; which-func
(with-eval-after-load 'which-func
(add-to-list 'which-func-modes 'verilog-mode)
;;;;; modi/verilog-which-func
(defun modi/verilog-which-func ()
(setq-local which-func-functions '(modi/verilog-find-module-instance
(add-hook 'verilog-mode-hook #'modi/verilog-which-func)
;;;;; modi/verilog-update-which-func-format
(defun modi/verilog-update-which-func-format ()
(let ((modi/verilog-which-func-echo-help
(concat "mouse-1/scroll up: jump to header UP" "\n"
"mouse-3/scroll-down: jump to header DOWN")))
(setq-local which-func-keymap
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
;; left click on mode line
(define-key map [mode-line mouse-1] #'modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim)
;; scroll up action while mouse on mode line
(define-key map [mode-line mouse-4] #'modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim)
;; middle click on mode line
(define-key map [mode-line mouse-2] #'modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim-fwd)
;; scroll down action while mouse on mode line
(define-key map [mode-line mouse-5] #'modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim-fwd)
(if modi/verilog-which-func-xtra
(setq-local which-func-format
(:propertize which-func-current
local-map ,which-func-keymap
face (font-lock-keyword-face :weight bold)
mouse-face mode-line-highlight
help-echo ,modi/verilog-which-func-echo-help)
(:propertize modi/verilog-which-func-xtra
local-map ,which-func-keymap
face font-lock-keyword-face
mouse-face mode-line-highlight
help-echo ,modi/verilog-which-func-echo-help)
(setq-local which-func-format
(:propertize which-func-current
local-map ,which-func-keymap
face font-lock-keyword-face
mouse-face mode-line-highlight
help-echo ,modi/verilog-which-func-echo-help)
(with-eval-after-load 'projectile
;;;; modi/verilog-jump-to-module-at-point (interactive)
(defun modi/verilog-jump-to-module-at-point ()
"When in a module instance, jump to that module's definition.
Calling this function again after that *without moving the point* will
call `pop-tag-mark' and jump will be made back to the original position.
Usage: While the point is inside a verilog instance, say, \"core u_core\",
calling this command, will make a jump to \"module core\". When you call this
command again *without moving the point*, the jump will be made back to the
earlier position where the point was inside the \"core u_core\" instance.
It is required to have `ctags' executable and `projectile' package installed,
and to have a `ctags' TAGS file pre-generated for this command to work."
;; You need to have ctags installed.
(if (and (executable-find "ctags")
(let ((tags-file (expand-file-name "TAGS" (projectile-project-root))))
;; You need to have the ctags TAGS file pre-generated.
(if (file-exists-p tags-file)
;; `modi/verilog-which-func-xtra' contains the module name in
;; whose instance declaration the point is currently.
(if (and (modi/verilog-find-module-instance)
(find-tag modi/verilog-which-func-xtra))
;; Do `pop-tag-mark' if this command is called when the
;; point in *not* inside a verilog instance.
(user-error "Ctags TAGS file `%s' was not found" tags-file)))
(user-error "Executable `ctags' is required for this command to work")))
(with-eval-after-load 'ag ;For `ag-regexp'
;;;; modi/verilog-find-parent-module (interactive)
(defun modi/verilog-find-parent-module ()
"Find the places where the current verilog module is instantiated in
the project."
(let ((verilog-module-re (concat "^[[:blank:]]*" ;Elisp regexp
"\\(?:module\\)[[:blank:]]+" ;Shy group
modi/verilog-identifier-re ;Elisp regexp here!
(re-search-backward verilog-module-re)
(setq module-name (match-string 1))
(setq module-instance-pcre ;PCRE regex
(concat "^\\s*"
"(#\\s*\\((\\n|.)*?\\))*" ;optional hardware parameters
;'(\n|.)*?' does non-greedy multi-line grep
"(\\n|.)*?" ;optional newline/space before instance name
"([^.])*?" ;do not match ".PARAM (PARAM_VAL)," if any
"\\K" ;don't highlight anything till this point
modi/verilog-identifier-pcre ;instance name
"(?=[^a-zA-Z0-9_]*\\()")) ;optional space/newline after instance name
;and before opening parenthesis `('
;don't highlight anything in (?=..)
;; (message module-instance-pcre)
(let* ((ag-arguments ag-arguments)) ;Save the global value of `ag-arguments'
;; Search only through verilog type files.
;; See "ag --list-file-types".
(add-to-list 'ag-arguments "--verilog" :append)
(ag-regexp module-instance-pcre (projectile-project-root))))))))
;;;; modi/verilog-selective-indent
(defvar modi/verilog-multi-line-define-line-cache nil
"Variable set to non-nil if the current line is detected as any but the
last line of a multi-line `define such as:
`define foo(ARG) \ <- non-nil
begin \ <- non-nil
$display(\"Bar\"); \ <- non-nil
$display(\"Baz\"); \ <- non-nil
end <- nil
(defun modi/verilog-selective-indent (&rest args)
"Return non-nil if point is on certain types of lines.
Non-nil return will happen when either of the below is true:
- The current line starts with optional whitespace and then \"// *(space)\".
Here that * represents one or more consecutive '*' chars.
- The current line contains \"//.\".
Here that . represents a literal '.' char.
- The current line is part of a multi-line `define like:
`define foo(ARG) \
begin \
$display(\"Bar\"); \
$display(\"Baz\"); \
If the comment is of \"// *(space)\" style, delete any preceding white space, do
not indent that comment line at all.
This function is used to tweak the `verilog-mode' indentation to skip the lines
containing \"// *(space)\" style of comments in order to not break any
`outline-mode'or `outshine' functionality.
The match with \"//.\" resolves this issue:
(let* ((outline-comment (looking-at "^[[:blank:]]*// \\*+\\s-")) ;(blank)// *(space)
(dont-touch-indentation (looking-at "^.*//\\.")) ;Line contains "//."
(is-in-multi-line-define (looking-at "^.*\\\\$")) ;\ at EOL
(do-not-run-orig-fn (or (and (not (bound-and-true-p modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading))
;; Cache the current value of `is-in-multi-line-define'
(setq modi/verilog-multi-line-define-line-cache is-in-multi-line-define)
;; Force remove any indentation for outline comments
(when (and (not (bound-and-true-p modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading))
;; Advise the indentation behavior of `indent-region' done using `C-M-\'
(advice-add 'verilog-indent-line-relative :before-until #'modi/verilog-selective-indent)
;; Advise the indentation done by hitting `TAB'
(advice-add 'verilog-indent-line :before-until #'modi/verilog-selective-indent)
;;;; modi/verilog-compile
(defun modi/verilog-compile (option)
"Compile verilog/SystemVerilog.
If OPTION is \\='(4) (using `\\[universal-argument]' prefix), run simulation.
If OPTION is \\='(16) (using `\\[universal-argument] \\[universal-argument]' prefix), run linter."
(interactive "P")
(when (fboundp #'modi/verilog-tool-setup)
;; Update values of `verilog-simualator', `verilog-compiler', etc here
;; if this function is defined.
(cl-case (car option)
(4 (setq verilog-tool 'verilog-simulator))
(16 (setq verilog-tool 'verilog-linter))
(t (setq verilog-tool 'verilog-compiler)))
(call-interactively #'compile))
(defun modi/verilog-simulate ()
"Run verilog/SystemVerilog simulation."
(modi/verilog-compile '(4)))
;;;; convert block-end comments to block names
(defun modi/verilog-block-end-comments-to-block-names ()
"Convert valid block-end comments to ': BLOCK_NAME'.
Examples: endmodule // module_name → endmodule : module_name
endfunction // some comment → endfunction // some comment
endfunction // class_name::func_name → endfunction : func_name
end // block: block_name → end : block_name "
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward (concat "^"
modi/verilog-identifier-re "[[:blank:]]*::\\)[[:blank:]]*\\)*"
"\\(?2:" modi/verilog-identifier-re "\\)"
nil :noerror)
;; Make sure that the matched string after "//" is not a verilog
;; keyword.
(when (not (string-match-p modi/verilog-keywords-re (match-string 2)))
(replace-match "\\1 : \\2")))))
;;;; Do not open all `included files
(defun modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes ()
"Replacement for `verilog-read-includes'."
(message "`verilog-read-includes' has been advised to do nothing"))
(defun modi/verilog-do-not-read-defines ()
"Replacement for `verilog-read-defines'."
(message "`verilog-read-defines' has been advised to do nothing"))
(define-minor-mode modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes-defines-mode
"Do not read all the includes and defines.
Useful to enable this minor mode if you do not want buffers being auto-opened
for all the `included files."
:init-value nil
:lighter ""
(if modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes-defines-mode
(advice-add 'verilog-read-includes :override #'modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes)
(advice-add 'verilog-read-defines :override #'modi/verilog-do-not-read-defines))
(advice-remove 'verilog-read-includes #'modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes)
(advice-remove 'verilog-read-defines #'modi/verilog-do-not-read-defines))))
;;; hideshow
(with-eval-after-load 'hideshow
(add-to-list 'hs-special-modes-alist
`(verilog-mode ,modi/verilog-block-start-keywords-re
;;; hydra-verilog-template
(defhydra hydra-verilog-template (:color blue
:hint nil)
_i_nitial _?_ if _j_ fork _A_ssign _uc_ uvm-component
_b_egin _:_ else-if _m_odule _I_nput _uo_ uvm-object
_a_lways _f_or _g_enerate _O_utput
^^ _w_hile _p_rimitive _=_ inout
^^ _r_epeat _s_pecify _S_tate-machine _h_eader
^^ _c_ase _t_ask _W_ire _/_ comment
^^ case_x_ _F_unction _R_eg
^^ case_z_ ^^ _D_efine-signal
("a" verilog-sk-always)
("b" verilog-sk-begin)
("c" verilog-sk-case)
("f" verilog-sk-for)
("g" verilog-sk-generate)
("h" verilog-sk-header)
("i" verilog-sk-initial)
("j" verilog-sk-fork)
("m" verilog-sk-module)
("p" verilog-sk-primitive)
("r" verilog-sk-repeat)
("s" verilog-sk-specify)
("t" verilog-sk-task)
("w" verilog-sk-while)
("x" verilog-sk-casex)
("z" verilog-sk-casez)
("?" verilog-sk-if)
(":" verilog-sk-else-if)
("/" verilog-sk-comment)
("A" verilog-sk-assign)
("F" verilog-sk-function)
("I" verilog-sk-input)
("O" verilog-sk-output)
("S" verilog-sk-state-machine)
("=" verilog-sk-inout)
("uc" verilog-sk-uvm-component)
("uo" verilog-sk-uvm-object)
("W" verilog-sk-wire)
("R" verilog-sk-reg)
("D" verilog-sk-define-signal)
("q" nil nil :color blue)
("C-g" nil nil :color blue))
;;; imenu + outshine
(with-eval-after-load 'outshine
(defun modi/verilog-outshine-imenu-generic-expression (&rest _)
"Update `imenu-generic-expression' when using outshine."
(when (derived-mode-p 'verilog-mode)
(setq-local imenu-generic-expression
(append `(("*Level 1*"
,(concat "^"
(if (bound-and-true-p modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading)
"// \\*\\{1\\} \\(?1:.*$\\)")
("*Level 2*"
,(concat "^"
(if (bound-and-true-p modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading)
"// \\*\\{2\\} \\(?1:.*$\\)")
("*Level 3*"
,(concat "^"
(if (bound-and-true-p modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading)
"// \\*\\{3\\} \\(?1:.*$\\)")
(advice-add 'outshine-hook-function :after #'modi/verilog-outshine-imenu-generic-expression)
;; (advice-remove 'outshine-hook-function #'modi/verilog-outshine-imenu-generic-expression)
;;; modi/verilog-mode-customization
(defun modi/verilog-mode-customization ()
"My customization for `verilog-mode'."
(font-lock-add-keywords nil
'(("\\b\\(FIXME\\|TODO\\|BUG\\)\\b" 1
font-lock-warning-face t)))
;; Above solution highlights those keywords anywhere in the buffer (not
;; just in comments). To do the highlighting intelligently, install the
;; `fic-mode' package -
;; Do not consider the backquotes as part of words. Now if we have
;; `define FOO `BAR.baz
;; with the point somewhere on BAR, if we do "M-s .", it will search
;; through all instances of "`BAR" as now "`" is set as an expression
;; quote or prefix operator in the verilog syntax table.
;; Fri May 05 12:47:47 EDT 2017 - kmodi
;; FIXME: This `modify-syntax-entry' change broke verilog indentation!
;; Commenting it out and leaving it as a comment so that I do not re-add
;; by mistake.
;; (modify-syntax-entry ?` "'" verilog-mode-syntax-table)
;; Convert block-end comments to ': BLOCK_NAME' in verilog-mode
;; Do this *only* for .sv files. This prevents the slowness of saving
;; super-huge .v RTL/Netlist files.
(when (and (buffer-file-name)
(string= "sv" (file-name-extension (buffer-file-name)))
;; Do not add this hook when working in the verilog-mode repo
(not (and (buffer-file-name) ;Has to be a file, and
(vc-git-root (buffer-file-name)) ;In a git repo, and
(when-let* ((git-repo-remote (vc-git--out-ok "config" "remote.upstream.url")))
(string-match-p "veripool/verilog-mode" git-repo-remote))))) ;Upstream URL has to match this.
(add-hook 'before-save-hook #'modi/verilog-block-end-comments-to-block-names nil :local))
;; Replace tabs with spaces when saving files in verilog-mode.
(add-hook 'before-save-hook #'modi/untabify-buffer nil :local)
;; Stop cluttering my buffer list by not opening all the `included files.
(modi/verilog-do-not-read-includes-defines-mode 1)
;; Remove highlighting of AMS keywords
(setq verilog-font-lock-keywords
(delete (rassoc 'verilog-font-lock-ams-face verilog-font-lock-keywords)
(setq verilog-font-lock-keywords-1
(delete (rassoc 'verilog-font-lock-ams-face verilog-font-lock-keywords-1)
(setq verilog-font-lock-keywords-2
(delete (rassoc 'verilog-font-lock-ams-face verilog-font-lock-keywords-2)
(setq verilog-font-lock-keywords-3
(delete (rassoc 'verilog-font-lock-ams-face verilog-font-lock-keywords-3)
(with-eval-after-load 'outshine
;; Do not require the "// *" style comments used by `outshine' to
;; start at column 0 just for this major mode.
(setq-local modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading t)))
;; Fri Aug 25 10:51:34 EDT 2017 - kmodi
;; Above, the `modi/outshine-allow-space-before-heading' variable is set to
;; `t' specifically for `verilog-mode'. So do not set the APPEND argument of
;; `add-hook' to non-nil when adding the container function
;; `modi/verilog-mode-customization' to `verilog-mode-hook'. This ensures
;; that that variable is set correctly *before* `outline-minor-mode' is
;; enabled (the act of which runs `outshine-hook-function').
(add-hook 'verilog-mode-hook #'modi/verilog-mode-customization)
;;; Key bindings
:map verilog-mode-map
;; Unbind the backtick binding done to `electric-verilog-tick'
;; With binding done to `electric-verilog-tick', it's not possible to type
;; backticks on multiple lines simultaneously in multiple-cursors mode.
("`" . nil)
;; Bind `verilog-header' to "C-c C-H" instead of to "C-c C-h"
("C-c C-h" . nil)
("C-c C-S-h" . verilog-header)
("C-c C-t" . hydra-verilog-template/body)
("C-^" . modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim)
("C-&" . modi/verilog-jump-to-header-dwim-fwd)
("<f9>" . modi/verilog-compile)
("<S-f9>" . modi/verilog-simulate))
(bind-chord "\\\\" #'modi/verilog-jump-to-module-at-point verilog-mode-map) ;"\\"
(when (executable-find "ag")
(bind-chord "^^" #'modi/verilog-find-parent-module verilog-mode-map))))
(provide 'setup-verilog)
;; Convert $display statements to `uvm_info statements
;; Regex Search Expression - \$display(\(.*?\));\(.*\)
;; Replace Expression - `uvm_info("REPLACE_THIS_GENERIC_ID", $sformatf(\1), UVM_MEDIUM) \2
;; Local Variables:
;; aggressive-indent-mode: nil
;; End: