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A basic shell. Written in C
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A shell implemented in C. Written as a part of Operating Systems (CS39002) coursework.



The following functions have been written explicitly in C.

  • cd - Change directory

  • pwd - Present Working directory

  • mkdir

    - Make a directory (Alerts if already exists)

  • rmdir

    - Remove the directory (Alerts if no such file or directory)

  • ls - List contents of pwd


  • ls -l - List the contents in long listing format


  • cp - Copy contents of file1 to file2; only if file1 was more recently modified. Create file2 if not present already.

  • exit - Exit the shell ; also works for z

  • Supports running the execuables (predominanatly, ./a.out and scripting commands, like touch, cat, python )

  • Any path added to your $PATH folder will work. [Refer to function runprocess in shell.c]

  • Support background execution such as python & - returns its PID.

  • Input from and output to files, such as ./d < in.txt and ./inc > in.txt supported. (Both can work simultaneously.)

  • Support piping upto 2 levels - such as ./inc | ./d and ./inc | ./d | ./t


make clean

Output : images/exec

The test cases are present in tests folder.

run.c creates a child process to execute shell.c in a gnome-terminal, suited for debuggging. In case the terminal session is to be viewed in the continuing session, execution is as :

make clean

Known issues

  • gcc and grep don't work for some freaking reason. Most of the other commands like cat, touc, gedit, atom work but these 2 seem to hold a grudge against me.

  • support piping with system calls.

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