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Code for our paper A Graph Based Semi-Supervised Approach for Analysis of Derivational Nouns in Sanskrit at ACL TextGraphs'17.
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Code for our paper A Graph Based Semi-Supervised Approach for Analysis of Derivational Nouns in Sanskrit at ACL TextGraphs'17.

Scripts details

Files written in a tree structure, depending on independent runs are possible or not.

hunt_duplicates - remove duplicate nodes in gold and seeds from the file that has more nodes, also ensure seeds have same number of L1 and L2

simplify - Master script to run junto on each part in each STEP

|---- simply_copy - copies label_prop_output and nodes_dict to next part.

|---- simplify_loop_for2 - run junto on each part of STEP2


|---- simplify_loop_for3 - run junto on each part of STEP3



step3_imp_parts - run static code on STEP3, no junto involved

code - Intent not clear. Refer to Harsha about this.

copy_output - Redundant script to copy label_prop_output

count_nodes - count number of nodes in seeds, gold_labels, total_in_graph which includes unlabelled nodes. L1 and L2 marked separately. Results saved in step_x_nodes.csv

crosscheck_nodes - Redundant

join_csv - merges 2 result csvs preiphery/part_i_gold.csv and step3/part_i_results.csv to generate periphery/part_i_gold_predict.csv and results/periphery_scores.csv

result_gen - # compute precision, recall, and accuracy and generates results/step_STEPnum_part_partnum.txt and results/step_STEPnum_part_partnum_results.csv

|---- result_important - run result_gen only on important 5 parts

The other files are relatively easier to understand.


python && python

  • Asks if junto is to compiled before running

  • copies a simple_config file to STEP1

  • calls in STEP1 directory , which runs part appropriate codes to generate graphs

*A function juntofy is called which copies the simple config file to each part , and runs junto config simple_config

  • Return to , calls , which copies label_prop_output from STEP1/part i to label_prop_output_step1 in STEP2/part i

  • Calls which runs in STEP2 for each part,followed by juntofy

  • simplycopy copies prop_output from STEP2 to STEP3 , and inputgraph from STEP1 and 2 to STEP3

  • calls running and in STEP3 for each of these parts

It takes a total of 20 minutes to run .


To generate a proper result text file (demo : results/ ), run


It asks 2 parameters , partnum and STEPnum . The generated output file can be viewed at results/step_STEPnum_part_partnum_.txt

People involved


Apache License. Have a look at for more details.

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