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[Abandoned] Simple application indicator for ubuntu to check internet speed
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Simple application indicator in Linux to check ping.

Ping thumb of rule: <50 ms - great. Lower the better. (Jio best performance ~ 36 ms,average ~ 60ms )

  • Connected demo When connected

  • Disconnected demo When disconnected


Add this to your ~/.bashrc file, with correct path:

alias netcheck='python path/to/netcheck_folder/netcheck'
  • To run in a new terminal (from any location) : netcheck

The application terminates when the terminal is closed.

  • To run the indicator at every startup, search Startup Applications>Add. Set command to python absolute/location/of/netcheck_folder/netcheck and save. The indicator must fire up at next start. An option is given to quit the application at any time.


Make sure you have installed requests and pynotify.If not, write this in a terminal -

pip install pynotify
pip install requests

If you have no idea what that meant, install pip - sudo apt-get install python-pip and then do the above step. It is assumed that you have python preinstalled.

If that makes no sense either, make sure you are using ubuntu-based OS.

If you are looking for a command line based tool(cli ), have a look at speedtest-cli (supports download and upload speeds ). I wanted a basic visual indicator with minimum RAM consumption, without external downloads.This repo satisfies that criteria.

Have a suggestion? Make an issue about it.

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