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Fetches your exchange calendar into orgmode format using ews.


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ews-orgmode is a python script to fetch your exchange calendar using exchange webservices and format it into an orgmode readable format for using it in your orgmode agenda.


Clone the repository using:

git clone

Change into the directory and create a config file:

cd ews-orgmode
cp config.cfg.sample config.cfg
emacs config.cfg

The only mandatory field of the configuration file is ‘host’, pointing to your server. Other fields have somewhat sane values that should fit your needs.

  • host - server name without protocol, e.g.
  • path - web-service path, defaults to e.g. /ews/Exchange.asmx.
  • username - user’s name for HTTP authentications, may be omitted in some situations (e.g. with GSSAPI).
  • password - password for HTTP authentications.
  • auth_type - One of: ‘any’, ‘basic’, ‘digest’, ‘ntlm’, ‘negotiate’. ‘any’ makes the choice automatically and chooses any of the mechanisms provided by a server except ‘Basic. This one has enabled explicitly.
  • cainfo - file holding certificate used to sign server key.
  • timezone - Your time zone e.g. Europe/Vienna, defaults to UTC.
  • days_history - How old entries to fetch.
  • days_future - How long in the future to look for entries.
  • max_entries - How many entries to fetch.

The config.cfg is within the .gitignore file, so you don’t publish it by accident. Now, run the script:


If everythings ok, you should see your exchange calendar in orgmode format as console output. You can redirect it into an orgmode file for using in your agenda. E.g. you could use something like this in a cronjob:

./ > ~/org/


Use the script at your own risk. Read it, understand it, modify it. But do not blame me if something goes wrong.


Fetches your exchange calendar into orgmode format using ews.







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