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Research and Technical Specification for the Kava Blockchain
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CircleCI Go Report Card API Reference license

A protocol for creating a collateral-backed stablecoin using any digital asset. Built on the cosmos-sdk.

Quick Start

To read about the design of Kava, see here.


To install, clone the repo and go to the new directory.

cd blockchain
go install ./cmd/kavad ./cmd/kavacli

For local development:

kavad init --chain-id kava-test testing
kavacli keys add alice
# enter a new password
# re-enter password
kavad add-genesis-account $(kavacli keys show alice -a) 10kava,1oracle,100000000stake
kavad gentx --name alice
# enter password
kavad collect-gentxs
kavacli config trust-node true
kavad start

Check account balance using kavacli query account $(kavacli keys show alice -a) Check which assets are in the pricefeed kavacli query pricefeed assets


To join the latest testnet, see here

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