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HTTP server. For development use. Includes Livereload.
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Tiny HTTP server for front-end developers.


  • file watching
  • live reload
  • opens a browser on startup.


$ npm install -g srvlr


[directory] is optional, defaults to the current working directory.

$ srvlr --help

  Usage: srvlr [options] [directory]


    -h, --help               output usage information
    -V, --version            output the version number
    -u, --url <URL>          URL to open in the browser.
                    Do not include the origin (protocol/host/port).
    -p, --port <PORT>        Listen on PORT. 
                    An available port will be chosen if not specified.
    -w, --watch              When you don't want to watch the root directory.
    -l, --log <TYPE>         Turn on log messages.
                    Types are: tiny, verbose
    -a, --age <SECONDS>      Max age in seconds.
    -c, --cors               Enable CORS headers.
    -i, --interval <MS>      Watch polling interval in milliseconds. Default 500.
    -R, --no-reload          No Livereload
    -O, --no-open            Dont open browser after starting the server
    -N, --no-cache           Turn off all caching
    -L, --no-listing         Turn off directory listings
    -I, --index <FILES>      Optional default index page. 
                    Space separated list eg default.html index.html.
    -A, --address <ADDRESS>  Address to use []
    -H, --hidden             Allow hidden files
    -C, --compression        Turn on gzipping
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