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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Released: Feb 2018

Eskapade is a light-weight, python-based data analysis framework, meant for modularizing all sorts of data analysis problems into reusable analysis components. For documentation on Eskapade, please go to this link.

Eskapade-Environment contains two configurations for run environments for Eskapade, currently docker and vagrant.

Release notes

Version 1.0.0

  • Bump up pyspark jupyter container to latest version (Feb 2019).
  • Bump up ROOT version to v6.16.00.
  • Turn on Asimage compilation for ROOT. Needed for TCanvas plots in jupyter.
  • Bump up Eskapade versions to v1.0.0. Eskapade goes parallel.

Version 0.9.4

Set environment variables of ROOT in Dockerfile, so ROOT is known in Jupyter at startup.

Version 0.9.3

Bump up to Eskapade-Core v0.9.3: perfection of eskapade_bootstrap.

In Eskapade-Core v0.9.3 the eskapade_bootstrap method has been severely upgraded. Running this command will generate you a new (Eskapade) project directory with a working link, macro, tests, entry-point scripts, and file!

Version 0.9.2

Bump up to Eskapade-Core v0.9.2 and Eskapade v0.9.3. Fixed the unit test of eskapade_bootstrap.

Version 0.9.1

Bump up to Eskapade-Core v0.9.1 and Eskapade v0.9.1, which have an updated version of eskapade_bootstrap.

Version 0.9.0

In version 0.9 of Eskapade (December 2018) the core modules have been split off into a separate package: Eskapade-Core. This way, the Eskapade version no longer controls the version numbers of the published containers at dockerhub, which can now be set and updated stand-alone.

  • The kave/eskapade-usr:0.9.0 docker image contains the following versions: Eskapade v0.9.0, Eskapade-Core v0.9.0, Eskapade-ROOT v0.9.0, and Eskapade-Spark v0.9.0.

Version 0.8.6

In version 0.8.6 of Eskapade (December 2018) the docker and vagrant configurations have been taken out of the Eskapade repository, and put into this separate package. This way, the Eskapade version no longer controls the version numbers of the published containers at dockerhub, which can now be set and updated stand-alone.

Also since version 0.8.6:

  • The kave/eskapade-usr:0.8.6 docker image contains the following versions: Eskapade v0.8.5, Eskapade-ROOT v0.8.5, and Eskapade-Spark v0.8.4.
  • The eskapade-usr docker is built on top of the jupyter pyspark notebook,

which is well maintained, and no longer on KPMG's own KaveToolBox.

  • The eskapade-env (root-only) docker is no longer required and maintained.


Eskapade requires Python 3 and is pip friendly. However Eskapade-ROOT and Eskapade-Spark require, you guessed it, ROOT and Spark, which are available in the run environments.

  • The Eskapade docker image typically contains the latest versions of the Eskapade packages. Type:

    $ docker pull kave/eskapade-usr:latest

    to pull it in.

    See the docker/ directory for additional instructions.

  • For vagrant, check the vagrant directory for detailed set-up instructions.

See release notes for previous versions of Eskapade.

Contact and support

Contact us at: kave [at] kpmg [dot] com

Please note that the KPMG Eskapade group provides support only on a best-effort basis.


Tools for building images for virtual Eskapade environments



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