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NodeJS and ORACLE PL/SQL integrated platform

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Noradle is for Node & Oracle integration. Noradle has three large parts.

The work at Now

Check installation scripts and demos, improve documetation. prepare to v0.2 release.


  1. psp.web. NodeJS act as http gateway to convert and pass http request data onto oracle PL/SQL procedure and receive and transfer back what the PL/SQL produce.
  2. call in db driver. Provide javascript API to access PL/SQL page and facilities to product result sets and convert them into javascript objects.
  3. call out net proxy. NodeJS can use PL/SQL API to send messages to any server through NodeJS router proxy and professional proxy and get the response messages in-process or out-process.

Part 1 : psp.web

please see Introduction at doc/ on github (format will lose)

please see Documentation Index at my site

please see Introduction at my site

please see Deployment at my site

please see API demo at my demo site

please see Basic Coding Guide of Noradle

please see SAAS app "dialbook" developed on Noradle (you can use any mobile number 11digits to login)

please see License of PSP.WEB at doc/

Part 2 : call in db driver

please see Call oracle plsql stored procedure with javascript at doc/

Part 3 : call out net proxy

please see call external service from PL/SQL on Noradle at my introduction site

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