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@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ API based html print over templating
* The dynamic page's half work is app logic process work over the html making work, while templating support html making work, it lowered the support for app logic process
* Templating can only convert PL/SQL server pages to plsql stored procedure and no packages, but package is just the best choice to implement application logic over standalone procedures.
So PSP.WEB will not focus on PL/SQL html page templating.
For the cases when the dynamic page is mainly static html with little PL/SQL, I'll consider support some kind of templating. But I will not use "loadpsp" like method, you just deploy the .psp file in filesystem, nodeJS will monitor the change and automatically compile it to a hash-named standalone procedure.
@@ -169,6 +170,7 @@ separation of files out of db
* files is candidate for caching, so it's better to deploy them in front servers instead of the most backend DB servers.
* static file should use different host:port, so the browser can achieve higher concurrent requests, the static server can leverage CDN, and the dynamic server (PSP.WEB) can dedicated for dynamic content with maximum performance.
When your PSP.WEB code print a,link,form,script,iframe,frame..., the url of the linked file is re-allocable by just configuration, and PSP.WEB let you use shortest string to specify the url by convention.

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