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Welcome to the noradle wiki!


Noradle is for Node & Oracle integration, with the aid of Node, to build a information system, just write nearly all business logic in in PL/SQL store procedure code; node, in front of oracle, provide access to oracle by HTTP, and node javascript code can access oracle directly by noradle NDBC, oracle plsql can send out message to node by repeated NDBC call.

The formal repository name is 'noradle', all-node-oracle is just a synonym used for npm search and github search, never npm install all-node-oracle.

see noradle for latest version in github.

see noradle for latest npm publishment in npm registry.


  1. psp.web. NodeJS act as http gateway to convert and pass http request data onto oracle PL/SQL procedure and receive and transfer back what the PL/SQL produce.
  2. call in db driver. Provide javascript API to access PL/SQL page and facilities to product result sets and convert them into javascript objects.
  3. call out facility as repeated call in listen for new messages.

see Introduction for more intro.

see Noradle's Goal(in chinese) to understand what noradle aim for.

see Noradle meta introduction PPT(in chinese) to understand thinking or noradle.

see noradle-demo for example app of noradle or see ready demo server at All noradle features are shown in demo app.

introduction & features & advantages


Noradle's three parts

innovative thinking

最好的 app logic 容器,oracle database; The best app logic container oracle database.

technique stack

history and future

ECO and in use APPs

application development

overall of handlerHTTP

oraReq control headers

html/xml service

data service

app mode



noradle low level architecture

The good of reverse connect to oracle database

UTL_TCP based node to oracle connectivity, noradle dispatcher architecture

dispatcher architecture

compare to websocket protocol

deployment and administration

Robustness of NORADLE

The creative dispatcher architecture of NORADLE

comparison with other techniques

compare other oracle based techniques

Why I didn't choose oracle native driver wrapper mode

compare to oracle's node oracledb

compare other application architectures

vs other web tech

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