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Which tool from the Society for Internet Blaseball Research is right for your needs?

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Which tool from the Society for Internet Blaseball Research is right for your needs?

Accepting PRs - contact @Kawa#7680 in #projects in SIBR for help or questions, and check out the issue tracker for braindumps.

This is being built using the Sugarcube story format; refer to that link for most syntax questions. Github Pages should auto-compile changes from the src directory into WhichTool.html then push here; refer to Em LazerWalker's excellent blog on the subject for more info on how that works.

Adding your own tools

Create a new .twee file in the src\tools directory, titled after your tool. Here's a format to follow:

:: YourToolName

[[This tool|]] does {things and stuff.} {Here's some notes on how to use it.}

It's made by {this user!} The source code is [[here|]]. 

If you'd like, you can also [[send {this user} a Ko-Fi|]].

<<include WhereToDiscuss>>

The first line must start with the double colon :: and then a short word or phrase. It is easiest if this phrase (the name of the passage) doesn't have spaces, and Kawa is generally preferring for this name to be in UpperCamelCase.

Remove {curly braces} and fill them with text. Keep the [[double square braces]] in that format - those will make links; left of the | pipe is the text, that links to the site on the right. Be sure to include the full site name (with the https://!) You're of course not required to use precisely this format, or necessarily share your source or support links - do what feels right for your tool.

The final line auto-includes boilerplate on where to discuss issues for your project. It should default to the main #📽-Projects channel in "🙌 Getting Involved". If you have your own 💼 Major Projects channel, you'll need an extra line - <<set $discussion_channel to "my-channel">> before the include. (Kawa can help with some of the subtleties of variable flagging in Twine.)

If you're comfortable with Twee, you can also edit main.twee to lead to a link to a passage called YourToolName where your tool should go in the main flow. It's okay if you're not comfortable with editing the main flow - submit a pull request anyway, and Kawa will help make that happen!

If you have questions, just ask Kawa, either by an @-mention in #projects or opening an Issue here.

Currently existing tool makers are welcome to edit their own tools' .twee files as well!

An arbitrary style note

Kawa demarcates Discord channel names using the .channel style; you can wrap a channel like so:;#channel-name-here@@

If you have AutoHotKey, you can use the script in this repo - +ch will 'autocorrect' to;#@@, ready to be edited accordingly.

Local Testing

Install Tweego then in a command line tweego src -o WhichTool.html --head=headers.html and test WhichTool.html in your favorite browser.

Yo can also do tweego -w src -o WhichTool.html --head=headers.html and have the HTML auto-recompile each time you save anything in src.

Kawa requests that HTML changes be discarded before pushing to main, to not interfere with Github Actions doing the same thing during its build process.


Which tool from the Society for Internet Blaseball Research is right for your needs?