Choose Your Own Adventure style software documentation from markdown
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Choose Your Own Adventure style software documentation from markdown.

Markdown source, when parsed, outputs to a single HTML page.


Test it out!

We've included a demo! Checkout the testdocs/ directory! It contains markdown files which represent sections, and an ORDER file which specifies the default order of the sections.

All you have to do to get started is:

  1. pip install -r requirements.txt .
  2. adocs testdocs outputfile.html

Then you can view outputfile.html in your web browser!

Misc. Notes

This repository is very conceptual and is in its infancy.

What we want to solve:

  • Difficulty of maintaining a monolith of documentation
  • Difficulty of reading a monolith of documentaiton
  • Variablity of documentation, instructions which depend on specific needs, use cases, platforms, etc.
  • Intimidation-factor of documentation
  • Some other stuff I'm forgetting to put in here!

The main ways we'll solve those problems:

  • CYOA-style static stite generator for software documentation!
  • Each markdown file is a <section> with a respective id (it's filename).
  • An ORDER file which specifies the default order
  • NEXT_SECTION: if in its own paragraph in markdown, the proceeding list will be transformed into a list of links to other sections!
  • Progress bar!
  • A way to set variables/user settings, e.g., "using_linux" to display content based on how a question was answered.
  • A way to show/hide things within the section