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Safester Client C# Xamarin code for Android & iOS
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Safester Client C# Code - v1.2.2 - May 2019, 6

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Safester.Client is the C# Xamarin project of Safester email encryption service.

It contains all source code of both Safester for Android and Safester for iOS editions.

(Safester’s source code for macOS, Linux and Windows editions is being finalized and will be published very soon on GitHub.)

Cryptography & OpenPGP

Safester.Client text and file encryptions are made with the OpenPGP cryptography protocol.

The cryptographic calls a are all encapsulated in a dedicated C# wrapper library: Safester.CryptoLibrary.

The underlying OpenPGP crypto library used is Bouncy Castle.


Safester.Client is licensed with the LGPL 2.1 license.

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