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The hist-pl package is a wrapper package covering functionality related to the historical dictionary of Polish. It also provides a command-line tool which can be used to create the binary version of the dictionary and to perform simple analysis of the input text.


You will need Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) and the Cabal tool to build hist-pl. The easiest way to get both GHC and Cabal is to install the latest Haskell Platform.

To install hist-pl from the official Hackage repository run:

cabal install hist-pl

If you want to upgrade hist-pl to a newer version you should update the package list first:

cabal update 
cabal install hist-pl

To install the latest development version from github just run

cabal install

from the umbrella repository directory.


Before you use the library, make sure that Morfeusz is available. Otherwise, you will get an error:

hist-pl: error while loading shared libraries: libmorfeusz.so.0

Morfeusz bindings' library is a dependency of the hist-pl package, so it should be already installed when you try to use the tool.


The hist-pl package provides a hist-pl command-line tool with the following functionality:


To translate the original LMF dictionary into a binary format, use the create mode of the hist-pl command-line tool. Apart from the LMF dictionary, you have to supply the PoliMorf dictionary, which will be used to update the binary dictionary with contemporary forms.

hist-pl create srpsdp.xml PoliMorf-X.tab srpsdp.bin

where PoliMorf-X.tab is a version of PoliMorf and srpsdp.bin is a directory to be created for storage of the binary dictionary.

Since the process involves creating a DAWG version of PoliMorf, it may take several minutes to complete.

Be aware, that conversion from LMF to the binary format is lossy at the moment.


To convert the binary dictionary into the LMF format use the print mode of the command line tool:

hist-pl print srpsdp.bin > srpsdp-prim.xml


Use the analyse mode to perform a simple dictionary-driven analysis of the input text.

hist-pl analyse srpsdp.bin < input.txt

Every line in the input will be treated as a separate sentence. Then, each sentence will be splited on spaces and punctuation characters. Finally, the binary dictionary will be searched for every token in the input data and results of the search will be printed to stdout.

Run hist-pl analyse --help to learn more about the program arguments and possible labeling options.

At this moment, the analyse mode is provided for presentation purposes. If you would like to make use of labeling results, you should use the library API (see next section) and process the results on the application level, depending on your goals.


The hist-pl-lexicon library, installed as a dependency of the hist-pl wrapper package, provides a simple interface for accessing the contents of the binary dictionary. See the NLP.HistPL.Lexicon module for an example of the library usage and a detailed API description.