generator-sundries is a supporting tool for making simple webpage.
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generator-sundries Built with Grunt

generator-sundries is a supporting tool for making simple webpage.
A generator for Yeoman.


generator-sundries has a some useful function. Auto compile SASS and Coffeescript, auto combine files, auto minimize and automatic browser reflesh when some files are changed. These fuction will help you create a simple HTML pages example for mini-blog or single page.


  • Auto compile SASS & Coffeescript
  • CSS files are automatically mixed
  • Launch localserver
  • Browser is automatically reloaded when file are changed
  • Minimize CSS and Javascript files automatially
  • Download your favorite library or script using bower

Getting Started

  • Install: node.js
  • Install basic packages 'npm install -g bower grunt-cli yo'
  • Install needed packages 'npm install -g coffee-script coffeelint csscomb csslint jshint node-sass'
  • Install this package 'npm install -g generator-sundries'
  • Write on console 'yo sundries'
  • Input Website name, Company name, Your name following instruct on console
  • Write on console 'grunt -v' on project root folder. if no error occured, generator-suncries is installed successfully


  • Your website placed under the /develop directory. Your should change or add files under the develop folder.
  • 'grunt' is a basic command for development. Automatically open localhost:9001 and start watching files.
  • During watching, changing or adding files are automatically detected. Browser is reloaded after a suitable processing.
  • 'grunt release' is a command for making release build under the /release directory. CSS and js files are combine and minimized.

More useful grunt command

See the under of


MIT License