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 __________________      _____      _____________
|                  |    |     |    |             |
| cloudwatch alarm | => | SNS | => | This Lambda | => [ Mackerel ]
|__________________|    |_____|    |_____________|

cloudwatch-alarm-to-mackerel function propagates Cloudwatch Alarm alerts to your mackerel. And we have to use AWS Simple Notification Service to make the lambda work.


git clone

git clone
cd cw-failed-invoke-to-mackerel

create project.json (or function.json)

cp project.json.example project.json

and please edit for your project.

  • environment
variable description
HOST_ID mackerel host id
MACKEREL_APIKEY mackerel apikey

apex deploy

apex deploy -D
apex deploy

You should deploy with '--set' option if you would avoid to include MACKEREL_APIKEY into repo.

apex deploy --set MACKEREL_APIKEY=xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx

How to alert as CRITICAL on mackerel

We can raise a critical alert on mackerel when to set CRITICAL to prefix of Cloudwatch Alarm description.

Use post checks report

package main

import (


func main() {
	now := time.Now().Unix()
	apiKey = "Your mackerel api key"

	reports := cwa2mkr.Reports{
		Reports: []cwa2mkr.Report{
				Source: cwa2mkr.Source{
					Type:   "host",
					HostID: "host id",
				Name:       "test alarm",
				Status:     cwa2mkr.StatusWarning,
				Message:    "this is a test",
				OccurredAt: now,

	if err := cwa2mkr.PostChecksReport(apiKey, reports); err != nil {