An Optimizing Session Type Compiler for Java
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STING - An Optimizing Session Type Compiler for Java

Sting is an optimizing session type compiler for Java from Purdue University.
Sting is an extension of sessionj ( from
Imperial College London. This implementation uses Polyglot compiler framework
( and Javaflow continuation library

For more information on STING compiler, please refer to our paper "Efficient
Session Type Guided Distributed Interaction"


Switch to trunk directory and run
> ant jar
to build the source. You need Apache Ant and a Java 1.6 JDK for that.


1. Add the bin/ directory to your path.
2. Write an SJ program, say
3. Compile it using:
> sessionjc [-cp a classpath if needed] [-d destination for generated .java and .class files]
4. Run with:
> sessionj Foo


- All our test files are under the directory of tests/src/purdue
- We mainly have three test sets: batching, continuation exporting, and chaining.
- To run any test, first you need to build the compiler and the runtime by
  typing "ant jar" on the root directory. Then, compile and run the sj files as
  described within each file.

Sting extensions to Sessionj

- Support for multiparty session types
  - Language extension for global session types
  - Projections for local session types
  - local session type checking against the session implementation
- Compiler extensions for session type guided optimizations
  - Batching
  - Chaining
  - Continuation exporting
    - Annotations for global session types to enable topology aware insertion of
      continuation exporting