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Back end Web Scraper for SkolportalN 2.0
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#fetch-food fetch-food is a back end web scraper with the purpose to provide current menu data from Nacka Gymnasium's cantina's web page to SkolportalN 2.0. It uses BeautifulSoup along with the built in python HTML parser.


  1. GET request to, getting the web page containing the menu.
  2. Parse the HTML and trim the data.
  3. Parse the food entries in the menu along with the menu's date stamp and create structurized entries.
  4. POST the structurized entries to


  • - main
  • - classes and functions for parsing and handling food entries
  • - functions for POSTing data to server
  • - helper functions for parsing and converting dates
  • - functions for sending status/error e-mails
  • - error handling
  • - config file
  • - (not on github) contains passwords for POSTing data and sending e-mails

##The FoodEntry object

date = "2013-05-05"
type_ = "Lunch"
content = "Swedish Meatballs"
hasinfo = True
info = "Contains meat"
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