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#efa 2 project This project is just a wrapper for the rowing and canoeing log book software efa to form a Debian GNU/Linux software package. It is used by efaLive.

Please note that this is a very simple Debian package only. It is not compliant with the Debian rules for packages!

##Binaries and documentation For more information about efaLive, have a look to the efaLive documentation on my homepage. There you can also find efaLive CD images for download.

##Related projects

  • Debian GNU/Linux project
  • efaLive Docker - the Docker file to create an efaLive development environment
  • efaLive CD - the live CD build configuration
  • efaLive - the glue code between Debian and the efa software
  • efa 2 - the Debian package configuration of the efa software (this project)
  • efa - the rowing and canoeing log book software

##Requirements To build the Debian package, you need to have dpkg-dev installed.

##How to build To build the debian package, there is a script for convenience:
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