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This project holds the efaLive CD configuration for live-helper
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#efaLive CD project

This project holds the efaLive CD configuration for the Debian live-build tool.

##Binaries and documentation For more information about efaLive, have a look to the efaLive documentation on my homepage. There you can also find efaLive CD images for download.

##Related projects

  • Debian GNU/Linux project
  • efaLive Docker - the Docker file to create an efaLive development environment
  • efaLive CD - the live CD build configuration (this project)
  • efaLive - the glue code between Debian and the efa software
  • efa 2 - the Debian package configuration of the efa software
  • efa - the rowing and canoeing log book software

##Requirements You either need the efaLive Docker project and use Docker, or you need a Debian stable (Jessie) system. To cache the Debian packages that are downloaded during build, I have apt-cacher-ng installed. But it is not mandatory, see below. Packages that need to be installed to create the image:

##How to build You can create a efaLive CD image by calling

sudo lb clean
sudo lb build

in the root directory of the project. Please note that the configuration is for live-build 4.x (stable), which is included in Debian stable (Jessie) and probably will not work on other distributions.

Apt-cacher is used per default to access the Debian repository. If you do not have it installed, you can change the URLs for the repositories in auto/config and config/archives/efalive.list.chroot. There you have to remove the localhost:3142/ from the URLs.

Once the build has finished, you should have a file live-image-i386.hybrid.iso in the project root directory. This can be written to a CD, copied to a USB stick or just used for VirtualBox.

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