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Docker file to create a development environment for the efaLive CD image
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#efaLive development Docker file

Here you can find a Docker file that creates a development environment for efaLive. For more information about Docker, you can visit the Docker pages. Information about efaLive can be found on my homepage.

##Binaries and documentation For more information about efaLive, have a look to the efaLive documentation on my homepage. There you can also find efaLive CD images for download.

##Related projects

  • Debian GNU/Linux project
  • efaLive Docker - the Docker file to create an efaLive development environment (this project)
  • efaLive CD - the live CD build configuration
  • efaLive - the glue code between Debian and the efa software
  • efa 2 - the Debian package configuration of the efa software
  • efa - the rowing and canoeing log book software

##Requirements You need to have Docker installed on your system. To develop and build an efaLive image, you need to clone the efaLive Docker, efaLive CD, efaLive and efa 2 projects to some directory on your PC. This directory is used later on for the Docker container.

##How to build Change to the efaLive Docker project directory and run the following command:

docker build -t efalive/efalive-dev:jessie .

You of course might change the tag name in the command above to your wishes, it is just an example.

##How to run Run the docker container by using the following command:

docker run -it -v <PATH_TO_EFALIVE_REPOSITORIES>:/home/efalive/development --name efalive-dev --privileged=true efalive/efalive-dev:jessie

Replace <PATH_TO_EFALIVE_REPOSITORIES> with the name of the folder where you have cloned or will clone the efaLive projects to. Again, you can replace the name for the container and the tag to whatever you want.

After you have started the command above, you will find yourself inside the docker container in the home directory of the user 'efalive'. The password of this user is 'efalive' by default. The path that you specified by <PATH_TO_EFALIVE_REPOSITORIES> is mapped to 'development' in the home directory of 'efalive'.

If you want to exit the container, you can use


To re-start it use

docker start -ai efalive-dev

Now you can build for example a efaLive image using the following commands:

cd development/efalive_cd
sudo lb clean
sudo lb build
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