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I'm going to start adding accessibility stuff here.
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I'm going to start adding accessibility stuff here.

In the meantime, I do tweet and retweet some accessibility stuff on my Twitter:

My DEV Community blog:

I've also written some blog posts in the past regarding building a more accessible website which you can view on Software Unwound: or read the markdown files under blog-posts/a11y-web-page-series/.


You can see my talk from the July Jackson Area Web and App Developer Meetup in my jawad-july-19-pour.

Other Resources

Deque University

Deque University offers web accessibility and PDF/Document accessibility training. They also offer a International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) certification.

Accessibility Wins

Accessibility Wins is a Tumblr blog curated by Marcy Sutton. She showcases websites that are doing the accessibility thing right and comments on what exactly they're doing right.
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