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15-112 Term Project
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This project was created as a Term Project for the Carngie Mellon course 15-112, Fundamentals of Programming & CS. PyCat is an interactive virtual cat game. The purpose of this game is to take care of your kitten by keeping its happiness, hunger, and sleepy levels elevated by playing minigames. The player has the role of caretaker in this game so you cannot physically move the cat but you can tell the cat where you want it to move by clicking on the screen, and depending on the cat’s mood, it will move where you told it to, somewhere in the general vicinity, or in the opposite direction!    

In order to run this project, the only module necessary is tkinter. This can be run in either python 2 or python 3. To run this project, you download the zip file and run the file.

Demo Video can be seen at 
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