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Conference Website Template

This is a freelance project for IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research). If you're trying to install this, please refer to

Currently live preview at ( This site is meant to be reusable and could easily be adapted for your conference. Please contact me directly at kayasmckelly at gmail dot com for more info on usage rights.

Current conferences using this site template include:

IACR requested a makeover of their conference website, with the main concerns that it would be mobile friendly and look more modern. Their intention is to use this as a template for future conferences, including Crypto, Asiacrypt, and Eurocrypt. Data for a given conference is largely contained in JSON files, including the dates, name of conference, location, program, committee names, etc.

For comparison, here's a screenshot of the 2016 website (the last year before I was commissioned to improve the site): the old conference website, with many notable hallmarks of early 2000s/late 1990s web design