Arduino based Thermor/BIOS wireless weather station receiver
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"Thermor" DG950R Weather Station receiver v 0.3

Receives data from "Thermor" DG950R Weather Station receiver, via a 433Mhz RF receiver connected to pin 8 of the arduino, and outputs to serial.

Based on the Practical Arduino Weather Station Receiver project ( For more info:


  • handle rain packets better - bucket tips are are sent incrementally - rain mm is calculated by subtracting current tip count from previous. should report tip count rather than doing calulation on arduino so that if the arduino is reset or a packet sent from it is missed, any missed rain value can still be calculated
  • wind speed is currently determined by a 'fudge factor', which itself was calculated based on the value being transmitted compared to the value displayed on the weather station's base station. perhaps there is a better way?