Wings3d import and export plugins for Blender
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This is a plugin for blender
currently to install you will need to copy this folder to the blender addons folder eg blender-2.57b/2.57/scripts/addons/
you will then need to enable the addon in file->user preferences

The following works

*- geometry including ngons
*- vertex colors
*- uv coords
*- hard edges *
*- virtual mirror **
*- opengl material properties
*- multiple materials per shape
*- external textures ***
*- lights ****
*- folders/hidden/editable/etc *****
*- holes

*       to test this meshes have a subdision modifier attached to them by default

**      creates a dummy object to correctly orient the virtual mirror. Be careful to select this as well when moving the object

***     diffuse is mapped to diffuse, gloss to specular, bump and normal to normal. may load in multiple
        copies of the same texture at present

****    to match the behaviour of lights in wings3d lights have a TrackTo constraint that points at the
        light towards a dummy positioned at the wings aim point.

*****   folders are implemented as dummy parents. hidden objects in wings are imported an hidden and non renderable objects in Blender

The following are not implemented yet

*- cameras *
*- internal textures **
*- export
*- ui options

*   cameras will import but are not positioned correctly yet... can anybody tell me what tracking does

**   there doesn't seem to be any way to create images from memory chunks in current blender pyhton api
        will require either an api update or a workaround of writing image to disk first