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IPsec VPN Between GCP and AWS

This example creates an IPsec VPN tunnel between AWS and GCP cloud platforms based on the architecture diagram.

GCP Subnet

In GCP, we will create a subnet with the IP address range Two instances are created in this subnet.

AWS Subnet

In AWS, we will create one VPC, with CIDR range We will then create one public subnet with IP address range Two instances are created in this subnet.

IPsec VPN Connection

The IPsec VPN tunnels has the following features:

  • IKEv1
  • Pre-shared keys for authentication
  • Route-based VPN
  • Static routing
  • Single VPN headend on GCP connecting to two VPN headends on AWS

Deploying This Example on Terraform

  1. Create an external IP address on GCP and save the value as vpn_ip_address in your aws-vpn/terraform.tfvars file or equivalent environment variable.

  2. Run the AWS Terraform script in the directory ../gcp-aws-mtu/aws-vpn. This will create output variables for the AWS VPN tunnel headend IP addresses that will be used as terraform_remote_state input for configuring the GCP IPsec tunnel.

    terraform plan
    terraform apply
  3. Run the GCP Terraform script in the directory ../gcp-aws-mtu/gcp-vpn.

    terraform plan
    terraform apply
  4. Test ping connectivity from GCP instances to the AWS instances.

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