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Hack for the repo script in Android so that it can somewhat be used on Windows


Sometimes 'repo' means a git repository. Other times it means the repo script.


This github repo only contains one file, which is a patch file that will allow the repo python script from the Android project to run on Windows. The current working Windows environment is Windows XP with Python 2.7. I've tested the patched repo with cmd.exe, MINGW32 that comes with the installation of the Github Windows client, and Cygwin.

This patch only has two goals:

  1. repo init -u -m default.xml succeeds
  2. repo sync is able to pull down code

All the other repo commands have not been tested. And I haven't tested the -jNUM option.

The basic strategy is to replace all os.symlink calls with shutil.copyfile calls.

How to use#

The steps below copy repo and then patch it.

  1. Make sure you have python 2.7 installed on Windows and your PATH is updated so that python.exe is found

  2. Make sure git is in your path. This should be automatic if you installed the new github windows client.

  3. Save the patch locally to your hard-drive

    Go to

    Save this file as c:\v1.12.2.patch

  4. Clone the repo source

     c:\>mkdir repowin
     c:\>cd repowin
     c:\repowin>git clone
  5. Apply the patch to v1.12.2

     c:\repowin>cd git-repo
     c:\repowin\git-repo>git checkout -b mybranch v1.12.2
     c:\repowin\git-repo>git apply c:\v1.12.2.patch

    The checkout command is necessary to make sure the patch is applied to version 1.12.2 of repo

At this point, the local copy of repo has been patched and you should be able to pull down code.


In the example of the Stoker code:

c:\>mkdir stoker
c:\>cd stoker
c:\stoker>python c:\repowin\git-repo\repo init -u -m default.xml
c:\stoker>python c:\repowin\git-repo\repo sync

Why bother?

All the Stoker development has been on Windows.

But I wanted to take advantage of github.

And to take advantage of github, I figured I should follow the convention where each git repo contains a separate project.

But since there are multiple git repos and git submodules really confused me, I figured repo would be the best way around this.

I didn't realize repo wasn't supported on Windows.

And thus this little effort.

Good luck.


... uhh ... probably everything outside of being able to repo sync ONCE after repo init for stoker.git. And I wouldn't trust the -j option. And I wouldn't suggest using this on complicated manifest files.


Hack for the repo script in Android so that it can somewhat be used on Windows




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