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shitty games projects and random stuff
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this is where i keep all of my random projects. some are games, most are unfinished.

this readme describes every folder/project and the tools being used. see individual projects for setup/usage.

i cannot guarantee that links still work, or ever did.


an app i used as "flash cards" for learning hiragana.

  • Vue - UI framework


  • selectable sets of kana
  • tutorial


a game of battleships. very unfinished. mostly interested in TTS when i made this, but TTS doesn't work anymore.

  • Vue - UI framework


aurelia roll of a trello clone. playing with drag-n-drop a little, i want to know what react-dnd solves, and learn some aurelia.

not online yet

  • Aurelia - UI framework
  • localForage - State layer


this was a toy to learn WebWorkers and learning AI. probably one of my favorite projects to date.

a note, reloading the page is the best way to restart.

  • Inferno - UI framework


files that help docker do the stuff it needs to build.

also includes a stripped down h5bp nginx config for image size.

global todo

  • notrello in react
  • notrello in riot?
  • notrello in mithril
  • landing
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