Unity editor plugin for tracking changes of bundle version so that they are available in runtime classes. PlayerSettings.bundleVersion will be updated on changes and all previous version strings are kept in your source code by automatic code generation from a Unity editor class.
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Smart workaround to get Unity's bundle version information from PlayerSettings.bundleVersion in your source code by automatic code generation from a Unity editor class.

There is a detailed discussion in the following 3 blog postings: Usage: http://www.scio.de/en/blog-a-news/scio-development-blog-en/entry/accessing-bundle-version-in-unity-ios-runtime-3

Concept: http://www.scio.de/en/blog-a-news/scio-development-blog-en/entry/accessing-bundle-version-in-unity-ios-runtime-2

Problem description and basic solution: http://www.scio.de/en/blog-a-news/scio-development-blog-en/entry/accessing-bundle-version-in-unity-at-runtime-1

Quick Start:

  • Ensure that you have a bundle version defined in Unity's Player Settings: In Unity go to menu Edit / Project Settings / Player. In Inspector choose "Settings for iOS" under "Per-Platform Settings" and look in section other settings
  • Download BundleVersionChecker from GitHub
  • Put it in a new directory BundleVersionChecker under Assets/Editor; The code within the project has no sub-directories so it's easy to create a submodule if you are using git as version control system
  • Bring Unity to the foreground (or start it if you haven't it running)
  • In console view you should see 2 messages after a few seconds:
    • Very first call, class file "TrackedBundleVersion".cs will be generated for the first tracked version 0.8.5 (or whatever version)
    • Successfully copied template for class TrackedBundleVersionInfo to Assets/Scripts/Config/Generated/TrackedBundleVersionInfo.cs

Now you find 2 new classes in a new directory under Assets/Scripts/Config/Generated TrackedBundleVersion.cs and TrackedBundleVersionInfo.cs.

They can now be used from your runtime classes to access bundle version and identifer.