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tir - tea is ready


tir [ wait ] [ what ]


% tir 60

    wait 60 seconds and say "Tea is ready"

% tir 180 Ramen

    wait 180 seconds and say "Ramen is ready"

% tir 5min Your noodle

    wait 300 seconds and say "Your noodle is ready"

% tir -c 10 10min

    wait 10 minutes with countdown every 10 seconds

% tir -GR

    try and listen


-w time     wait time
-b sound    choose notification sound
-r          same as -v random
-v voice    choose speech voice
-l voice    choose voice for last message
-V volume   set speech volume
-m message  set message to show
-c time     set countdown interval (set 0 to disable)
-i control  iTunes control (*fade, volume, pause, no)
-e/-E       echo message or not
-n/-N       send notification or not
-s/-S       speak or not
-GR         gorgeous ramen
-GY         gorgeous yakisoba
-GU         gorgeous udon


This is a command line kitchen timer for Apple macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) and later. It will show the message on terminal, notification center, and read it out using audible speech. The default message is "Tea is ready" and the "tea" is replaced by the command argument. If the first argument is number, command waits that time in second.

It produces countdown message every 10 minutes (> 60min), 60 seconds (> 60sec), 30 seconds (> 30sec) or 10 seconds. Countdown interval can be set by -c option and set value 0 to disable it.

If iTunes is playing, its volume is faded into half by default during a speech. Select control from fade, volume, pause or no by -i option.

Use -v option to change the voice. Option -r is just a shortcut for -v random and choose random voice. Voice used for the last message can be set by -l option.

Option -V can be used to set system sound volume temporarily. Volume is the number between 0 and 100, and it will set just for one second.

Special option -R, -Y and -U are prepared for Ramen, Yakisoba and Udon. They set wait time 3min, 4min, 5min respectively. Use -GR, GY and -GU for gorgeous version.


Apple removed the voice Good News, used by -G option, and others from default voice list on recent operating systems. You can download disappeared voices from System Preference interface. Select Accessibility, then Speech and choose Customize in System Voice pulldown bar.


When used with -G option, command try to count syllables within the target string using very simple algorithm, which sometimes comes up to wrong result.


osascript(1), say(1)


Kazumasa Utashiro