Preforked Plack Handler for performance freaks
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Gazelle - a Preforked Plack Handler for performance freaks


$ plackup -s Gazelle --port 5003 --max-reqs-per-child 50000 \
     -E production -a app.psgi


Gazelle is a PSGI Handler. It is derivied from Starlet. A lot of its code was rewritten or optimized by converting it to XS code.

Gazelle supports following features:

  • Supports HTTP/1.1. (Without Keepalive support.)
  • Ultra fast HTTP processing using picohttpparser.
  • Uses accept4(2) if the operating system supports it.
  • Uses writev(2) for output responses.
  • Prefork and graceful shutdown using Parallel::Prefork.
  • Hot deploy and unix domain socket using Server::Starter.

Gazelle is suitable for running HTTP application servers behind a reverse proxy such as nginx.

One can find a Benchmark here: .



http {
  upstream app {
    server unix:/path/to/app.sock;
  server {
    location / {
      proxy_pass http://app;
    location ~ ^/(stylesheets|images)/ {
      root /path/to/webapp/public;

command line of running Gazelle

$ start_server --path /path/to/app.sock --backlog 16384 -- plackup -s Gazelle \
  -workers=20 --max-reqs-per-child 1000 --min-reqs-per-child 800 -E production -a app.psgi

start_server is bundled with Server::Starter


In addition to the options supported by plackup, Gazelle accepts the following options:


Number of worker processes (default: 10).


Seconds until timeout (default: 300).


Maximal number of requests to be handled before a worker process exits (default: 1000).


If set, randomize the number of requests handled by a single worker process between this value and the one supplied by --max-reqs-per-child (default: none).


If set, worker processes will not be spawned more than once than every number of seconds given in the parameter. Furthermore, when a SIGHUP is being received, no more than one worker processes will be collected during this interval. This feature is useful for doing a "slow-restart". See for more information. (default: none)


the subroutine code to be executed right before a child process exits. e.g. --child-exit='sub { POSIX::_exit(0) }'. (default: none)


Starlet Parallel::Prefork Server::Starter

LICENSE of Starlet

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



Copyright (C) Masahiro Nagano.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Masahiro Nagano