nagios plugin for checking value in a memcached server
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NAME - nagios plugin for checking value in a memcached server.


usage: -H host -P port -w 0.1 -c 0.2 -t 10 -k getkey


check_memcached_val is nagios plugin to retrieve a value from memcached server and check status


-h, --help

Display help message

-H, --hostname=STRING

Host name or IP Address

-P, --port=INTEGER

Port number (default 11211)

-k, --key=STRING

key name to get

-s, --string=STRING

Return OK state if STRING is an exact match

-r, --ereg=REGEX

Return OK state if extended regular expression REGEX matches

-R, --eregi=REGEX

Return OK state if case-insensitive extended REGEX matches

Invert search result (CRITICAL if found)

-w, --warning=THRESHOLD

Warning threshold range

See for THRESHOLD format and examples

-c, --critical=THRESHOLD

Critical threshold range

-t, --timeout=INTEGER

Seconds before connection times out.


Enable rate calculation. See 'Rate Calculation' below


Converts rate per second. For example, set to 60 to convert to per minute

Rate Calculation

check_memcached_val can rate calculation like a check_snmp plugin. check_memcached_val stores previous data in a file and calculate rate per second. This is useful when combination with the memcached incr.

On the first run, there will be no prior state - this will return with OK. The state is uniquely determined by the arguments to the plugin, so changing the arguments will create a new state file


just copy this script to nagios's libexec directory.

$ curl >
$ chmod +x
$ cp /path/to/nagios/libexec


Masahiro Nagano <>


Copyright (C) Masahiro Nagano

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.